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Almost everyone suffers from lower-back pain at some point in their lives. A famous Canadian study conducted in the late 1990s found that approximately 85% of adults experience some form of lower-back pain at some point in their life. People suffer from lower-back pain for a variety of reasons, whether from injury or from being tied to their desks all day and feeling stiff, and often a gentle massage can help them ease their pain. Sometimes, yoga is more appropriate to help you with your lower-back pain. Yoga can always help rebalance your back and here we will look at several solutions which can help you alleviate your lower back pain.

This yoga sequence warms up the whole spine, lower back, calves, ankles and hamstrings. This is the right place to begin your yoga practice and open up spaces in your body for better healing to deal with these issues.

To begin the sequence, spread your legs as far as your hips, with your shoulders relaxed and, look forward, with a neutral chin. Bend your knees softly to protect your lower back. Breathe in deeply and then exhale while bringing your chin close to your chest. Begin rolling down towards your toes, adjusting to your heads weight. Remember to maintain soft knees the whole time. When you have reached a comfortable posture, you can now bend your knees as freely as is necessary in order to be able to have your fingertips tent over the ground. Keep your head heavy while keeping your shoulders relaxed. Exhale through your mouth and maintain this position for several breaths.

Doing this will help your lower as well as upper back, and hamstrings and quadriceps, by opening and strengthening them. Inhale and slowly straighten your back, keeping your toes light. Keep your toes light, while planting your feet firmly into the ground, keeping your head heavy. Stay present throughout and complete the sequence by moving your shoulders back over your hips, and keeping your eyes focused ahead of you. Stand up completely. Repeat this sequence four times.

The pose is very helpful if you need to stretch your inner legs, back of your legs and the spine.

From a standing position, plant your right foot at the back of your mat and turn your feet so that they are parallel to each other.

Your feet should be in a wide stance, outside the hips. Have your shoulders over your pelvis and your arms akimbo over your sides.

Put your palms firmly on the ground, making sure to keep them under your shoulders. Ypu want to be rolling your weight, first inwards and then forwards. Make sure to plant your feet parallel to each other. At most, your feet should be marginally turned inwards at the toes.

Some people find that it helps to increase the intensity of the stretch. To do so, you should put your pals beneath the outer edges of your feet and then use your upper body's strength to reach greater depths. Yoga practitioners recommend staying in this position for 30 seconds to a minute.

A good ergonomic chair can go a long way towards healing lower back pain. Ergonomically designed chairs are designed in such a way that productivity and well being are maximised. Research has shown the health benefits towards the lower back when ergonomically designed chairs are used. This is because ergonomically designed chairs reduce the pressure on the lower back, minimizing occupational lower back pain. Given the amount of time that people spend seated, reducing the pressure on the lower back goes a long way toward alleviating lower back pain, especially considering that lower pain for most people is related to their sitting habits.

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Yoga Fixed My Back - Here's How - Teton Gravity Research

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