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Posted: January 27, 2021 at 12:51 pm

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Jan. 24, 2021Updated: Jan. 24, 2021 4:55p.m.

After a San Mateo County judge issued a temporary restraining order to shut down Pacifica Beach Yoga for repeated COVID-19 violations, the yoga studio's owner, Tommy Antoon, threatened a county official and his family in a public Instagram post.

The post, which has not been deleted as of Sunday morning, calls for followers to "#delete" the county official, whose name we are withholding because of the violent language directed at his family (though it should be noted that Antoon misspelled the individual's name multiple times).

"It's time to get rid of this POS get in his face his family's faces his children's faces that's what this guy deserves this is pure evil scum lets get on it," the post reads. A separate caption adds, "Time to roll patriots this is our first POS somebody that refuses to except [sic] the science that nobody's got an infection at our studio in nine months he wants people to suffer and stay home it's time to make him suffer let's go."

The Pacifica Police Department does not have an active investigation into Antoon's threats, a spokesperson told SFGATE.

On Friday, SFGATE reported on the contents of the lawsuit filed by San Mateo County against Pacifica Beach Yoga and its owner. According to the lawsuit, on Dec. 26, Antoon was issued a $500 fine for "operating a fitness facility indoors, failing to require employees and customers to wear face coverings, and failing to ensure social distancing." He then left a threatening message directed at a San Mateo County COVID compliance officer.

"Yeah, message is for Evan . . . whatever his little name is. Stop sending me citations. Stop harassing me. You have no authority but to do nothing but harass people and try to bully people. Do not come by my business again or you will face the wrath of me. Do not step on my property, do not call me, do nothing to associate with my business. My business will remain open. Ill do as I want. You have no right to fine me nothing. Youre a peasant. Stay away."

On Jan. 5, after receiving more health violation complaints, the same officer issued a $3,000 fine, and Antoon delivered another menacing voicemail. His studio is now closed by the county until at least Feb. 4.

Over the weekend, the Pacifica Beach Yoga account posted twice more, thanking "Karen,s" [sic] for "making [us] the most popular studio in the Bay Area," presumably referencing the attention the social media threats have garnered.

Ed. note: A previous version of this story referenced reaching out to the San Mateo Police Department for comment; it has since been updated with comment from the Pacifica Police Department, which has jurisdiction.

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Pacifica Beach Yoga owner issues another threat, this time directed at San Mateo official - SFGate

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