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Posted: January 30, 2020 at 9:41 pm

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Even though he hasnt won one yet in his PGA Tour career, golfer Tony Finau is on the cusp of winning a major championship. Finau has a top-10 finish at all four of the majors on tour, including a career-best third-place finish at the 2019 Open Championship. With how hes played in recent years, 2020 could be his time to finally snag one of those trophies.

One place Finau is focused on is at the first major of the year, the Masters Tournament in April, where hes coming off of a top-five finish. The course also just happens to be one of his favorite places to play. (Finau and the tournament are also linked from the time he went viral in 2018 after dislocating his ankle while celebrating a hole-in-one during the Par-3 Contest; Finau was still able to tough his way through the rest of the tournament.)

Its one of the best-designed golf courses in the world, Finau tells Mens Journal. When you combine that with the history and the matches being played there, its definitely got to be at the top of my list.

For his MJ5, Finau spoke with Mens Journal about the way he tries to attack his workouts in the gym, his favorite lifts, the best advice hes received, and more. Check out the full MJ5 archives for more interviews with Chris Evans, Russell Wilson, Michael Strahan, Tony Hawk, P.K. Subban, Ewan McGregor, and more.

On the areas he focuses most in his training:The three areas I attack in my workouts are stability, mobility, and flexibility throughout the whole body. I believe those three areas are very important in the golf swing. I attack all parts of my body, just like I do with my golf game. I go pretty hard at the gym to get stronger every year. I try to gain an advantage by getting stronger and more fit than other players. At the end of the season, it makes a huge differencethe thing about the PGA Tour is its such a long season and we dont really have an offseason, so youve got to train and keep in shape throughout the whole year.

On his favorite workouts: I like to use kettlebells for power cleans, Olympic lifts and squatsbut thats about all the weights Ill use. Outside of that, I do a lot of floor work. Ill mix in yoga with pilates for core, and then Ill get on the bike. I also use a lot of bands.

On the best advice hes received: The best piece of advice Ive ever received is be yourself. Ive learned that if you can be your most authentic self, things will happen in your life the way theyre supposed to. I think we all learn things about ourselves, were all unique and have unique things about usand thats what makes everybody great. Thats probably the best advice I can give as well.

On his favorite courses to travel to: My favorite course is my home course I grew up on in Salt Lake City, the Jordan River Par Three. Unfortunately its not there anymore, but I just have so many great memories starting there and playing with my dad and my brother. Its my favorite course, and its the course Id love to play my final round on if I ever had the chance. As far as a golf course every golfer should play before they die, its Augusta National. Its such a treat to be on ground and play, and theres so much history there.

On his dream golf matchup: I had my opportunity last year with Tiger Woods at the Masters at Augusta National, and Id love that opportunity again this year. Hopefully I can have that chance again this year and have a different result.

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MJ5: Golfer Tony Finau on Doing Yoga and His Favorite Courses to Play - Men's Journal

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