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Posted: July 2, 2020 at 7:48 pm

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Keeping the current situation in mind, the novel Coronavirus has taken everyone under its sway. With no medication till date, doctors have been giving immunity boosters and multivitamins to the patients or people getting affected with it. At present, India has over 5 lakhs cases which are increasing day by day. With the commencement of the monsoon season, the risk of getting infections has also increased.

However, we have a perfect solution to boost up your immunity level even in this monsoon season. Yoga is the perfect way to keep your immunity levels high. Recently, internationally acclaimed yoga master and spiritual guru Grand Master Akshar, who has trained renowned faces including Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar among many others has shared insights on how to build up your immunity. He shared some of the yogic postures that can help you to enjoy monsoon with power packed immunity levels.


Start in Vajrasana. Make a fist with the thumb tucked well inside your four fingers. Place your fists on either sides of your navel. Exhale and pull your abdomen inside. Then, slowly bend forward and start pressing the navel with your fists. Your back is straight, keep looking forward in your bend position. Inhale and lift up and relax.

Matsyasana Fish Pose

Lie down on your back. Use your elbows & forearms to push against the ground and lift up your head and shoulders up. Alternatively, you can reverse your palms and push to lift your head and chest up. Place the top of your head or crown of the head on the floor. Straighten your legs out or bend your knees as per your comfort. Allow your arms to rest beside your body.

Halasana Plough Pose

Lie down on your back with your arms on the floor beside you. You can either fold both legs placing the feet close to the pelvis or lift up both legs straight to a 90-degree angle. Support your back with your palms, lift your legs to drop your toes behind you. Your middle and lower back is off the floor. Only then will you be able to touch your toes to the floor behind. If you are comfortable with the balance, you can interlace your fingers and place your palms on the floor, elbows straight.


Begin with Dandasana. Ensure that your knees are slightly bent while your legs are stretched out forward. Extend your arms upward and keep your spine erect. Exhale and empty your stomach of air. With the exhale, bend forward at the hip and place your upper body on your lower body. Lower your arms and grip your big toes with your fingers. Try to touch your knees with your nose


Anulom Vilom Alternate Nostril Breathing


Sit in a comfortable position of Sukhasana, Ardha Padmasana, Vajrasana or Poorna Padmasana. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed and close your eyes to focus on your breath. Place your palms on your knees facing upward (in Prapthi Mudra).


Gently close your right nostril with your thumb, inhale into your left nostril and close it, letting the breath out through the right nostril. Then inhale through your right, closing it to exhale only through your left. This makes one cycle.

Use protective gear when you step outside to avoid getting caught in the heavy downpours. Temperature fluctuations, pollution, and water contamination are some of the causes of infections and other monsoon-related diseases. Avoid eating out, and choose light, fresh home-cooked meals that are easy on the stomach.

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Improve your immunity with some yoga this monsoon - The Statesman

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