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Take any yoga class, and the studio will most likely offer yoga bolsters, cushions, and pillows to assist your restorative poses or help you achieve a comfortable position for deep breathing exercises. But now that youve felt for yourself how great a restorative fish pose can feel when supported by firm yoga bolsters, how do you choose the best cushions for your own home practice? Heres what you need to know. Longevity Live Partner Content.

Yoga bolsters and pillows come in four basic flavors: rectangular, round, pranayama, and meditation. Round and rectangular bolsters typically come in two sizes, large and small, with the small bolsters being several inches shorter than the long bolsters.

Pranayama yoga bolsters look similar to rectangular bolsters theyre rectangular, but they tend to be longer and thinner. These bolsters are used to open up the spine in a reclining position during pranayama practice. Meditation cushions, like the small, round zafu and the large, flat zabuton that goes under it, are intended to support the spine during seated meditation practices.

Different types of bolsters are suitable for different people and practices. Small or junior sized rectangular or round bolsters are suited for children and petite adults, for example, while rectangular and round bolsters in general are suitable for supporting the body in most restorative poses.

Rectangular bolsters are flatter and more stable for restorative poses, and theyre large enough to support the entire torso of the average practitioner. Round bolsters are more appropriate for supporting poses that encourage a bend in the body, like side bends and back bends. They can also be placed between the legs to relieve tension during seated meditation practices, or under the knees during savasana.

Meditation cushions are designed to provide support for the entire body during seated meditation, and thats why most people use a zafu/zabuton combination the zafu provides firm support for the spine and torso, while the zabuton provides support for the legs, feet, and ankles in positions like lotus, half lotus, easy pose, or hero pose. You may be able to use a folded zabuton to provide support in some yoga poses, but a bolster will typically be firmer and more fully stuffed.

Most companies that make and sell yoga bolsters offer different firmness levels, typically a maximum and a normal or minimum level of support. Unlike other pillows, yoga bolsters are packed firm to offer support that allows your body to relax into the bolster, and keeps supported areas lifted off the floor. Softer bolsters are appropriate for more restorative practices and poses, while firmer bolsters are best if you follow a more active practice, or youre a larger practitioner.

You can also choose from different filling materials, and the filling material you choose might make a noticeable difference in how functional and supportive your bolster is. If you want a light but firm bolster thats easy to carry, you need to look for one with a synthetic filling, like poly-fill wrapped around foam, or even a natural cotton filling. If you want a bolster that will conform to the shape of your body, grab one filled with buckwheat hulls or flaxseed its more sustainable, and might offer optimum support, but itll be heavier and you probably wont want to drag it to the studio with you.

You might want multiple bolsters for your home practice, or you might be looking for the perfect bolster that will support all of your poses. Fortunately, youll have the chance to try differently shaped and sized bolsters in most yoga studios, where teachers offer a range of props to their students. Tell your yoga teacher youre trying different bolsters in order to choose which kind(s) to buy for your home practice. He or she can give you advice and maybe offer you different kinds of bolsters to try from the supply closet.

A yoga bolster can really transform your practice, making it easier for your body to get into restorative poses and active poses alike. Take care when choosing the right bolsters for your home practice. These cushions will be a central part of your practice for years to come.

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