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Yoga indeed is a great stress buster and improves lifes quality too. One of the best decisions in life will be to buy a yoga mat and start practicing. The best philosophy, yoga is a medium to maintain the right balance of mind and soul. The idea was originally introduced by one Indian sage, Patanjali. He also wrote Yoga Sutras.

Most of the people start with yoga with immense passion but give up on it, in the middle. Some unnecessary mistakes hinder their growth in the spiritual path. Yoga aspirants must know a few basic points that are important to achieve success in the spiritual path.

Here are some of the common yoga myths one needs to know.

Over ambitious follower Over ambition is never good. By becoming overly ambitious, you should not expect immediate success. Youll end up creating blunders. By becoming over enthusiastic, one sets huge expectations, those are unrealistic expectations actually. By not getting immediate results, the person will be feeling disappointed only. Stay realistic, thats the key.

Setting unrealistic expectations Do not set unrealistic expectations, when you are about to start your new spiritual journey with yoga. Expecting immediate results will make you feel restless and frustrated.

Learn by books only A common mistake again. Only a true Guru will help you explore the spiritual path. Self-learning is not that bad but not having any Guru might create blunders. An expert only will be able to help you get right postures.

Focusing only on basic asanas Explore the spiritual path towards mental peace, by learning new moves, rather than restricting yourself to few basic asanas.

Not being sincere Do not start practicing yoga with money on your mind. Many people learn it with a business goal in mind, which is not good.

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