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Posted: February 25, 2020 at 1:43 am

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Jordan Behrman is a lead yoga instructor at Calistoga Fit, seen here atAuberge Resort. There are opportunities to try different kinds of yoga at Calistoga Fit.

With everyones busy schedules, it can be hard to accomplish everything on ones to-do list, and some to-dos may fall through. And while exercise is on many peoples list and does get accomplished, yoga can be forgotten about. However, there is a reason why professional athletes take time out of their schedule to make room for yoga, and Calistoga Fit suggests yoga for everyone.

Yoga has many different practices. Whether you need a good stretch, stress relief, or a good workout there is a practice that can work for you. Beyond stretching, stress relief, and a workout, yoga can actually improve your life from within, both mentally and physically. Practicing yoga can improve body awareness, posture, coordination, and reaction time.

As you take time to hold poses, you can target specific muscles and parts of the body to work and increase your own knowledge on your body and what it can accomplish. Yoga can also increase flexibility, range of motion and spinal movement.

If youre working on rehab for your body or just getting over an injury, and have the clearance from your healthcare provider, try a yoga class and let the instructor know what injuries youve sustained and they can arrange a practice that will be beneficial for your specific needs. Because yoga has many different practices you can go from gentle and rehab focused yoga to a full body workout class. As you practice more and move on to more difficult practices that challenge you physically, you can build up your strength and achieve lengthened, slender muscles.

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Find the right yoga class for you and reap the physical, mental benefits - Napa Valley Register

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