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Posted: December 30, 2019 at 8:47 pm

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Ready to step it up in 2020, but unsure of how to start making your resolutions? When it comes to exercising and getting on a healthy track, weve got your covered! In fact, Im going to demonstrate exactly how coming up with your resolution can be like working towardan advanced yoga pose!

The Bird of Paradise yoga pose takes a lot of practice. First, you need to learn Warrior II. Then, you need to learn Extended Side Warrior. Then, you need to learn how to bind in Extended Side Warrior. Finally, you learn to balance and come up into Bird of Paradise. This is a step-by-step process that doesnt come to fruition overnight!

Similarly, resolutions dont either. Its important to break down your resolution. Heres how.

First, be clear on your goal.

Bird of Paradise is the goal in this scenario. Maybe your goal is to exercise more, eat healthier, or lose weight. However, those goals are too vague. I couldve just said my goal was to learn yoga, but thats not specific enough. Instead, my goal is to learn Bird of Paradise, which entails yoga. See the difference?

So if your goal is to exercise more, what does that look like to you? Does it mean youd like to work out 5 times a week? 3 times a week? Daily? Having a clear sense of your goal will go a long way to helping you achieve it.

Next, break it down into steps.

To learn Bird of Paradise, I have to know where Im starting which is in Warrior II. Where do you have to start to exercise 5 times week? Do you need a gym membership, a yoga mat, workout shoes, workout clothes, or classes that you can sign up for? Make sure you set up your resolution for success by knowing where the starting point is.

After that, practice, practice, practice! Im going to go into Warrior II and then Extended Side Angle for a few weeks before I start going for the bind. Similarly, prove to yourself and your body that you can exercise twice a week for the first two weeks. Then, after two weeks, increase to three times a week. Keep increasing until you reach your goal and stay there consistently!

Just like learning Bird of Paradise or any other yoga pose, knowing the end goal and mapping out steps to get there will set the foundation for you to be successful in your health goals this year.

Stephanie Mansour is the host of Step It Up with Steph on American Public Television, airing locally on WTTW-Channel 11. She coaches private clients in weight loss, appears regularly on national TV shows, and offers a free 21 Day Challenge on her website. She holds certifications in personal training, yoga, Pilates, and professional life coaching. Check out her fitness tips every Sunday in the Well section of the Chicago Sun-Times and her workout videos online at chicago.suntimes.com/exercise-well.

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