Celebrity Yoga Instructor Desi Bartlett and Best Selling Author and Doula Lori Bregman Team Up to Support Pregnant Mamas During COVID-19 with Their…

Posted: January 27, 2021 at 12:51 pm

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"Lori and I have been talking about doing a retreat for the past few years, and we are both big believers in divine timing," says Bartlett. "There is an instinctual 'knowing' when the time is right for something to come into this world. Now is the time to share what we both love to do educate and empower mamas in the comfort of their homes. Lori is in L.A. and I'm in Hawaii, but we invite moms from all over the globe to be part of this experience."

The live event, which will take place on February 19 to 21, will include prenatal yoga, nutrition, self-care and meditation sessions, as well as a panel of guest experts. Not only will soon-to-be moms receive the same VIP treatment as the duo's extensive A-list clientele but, more importantly, they'll also have the opportunity to connect with each other.

"Women need support and community now more than ever," says Bregman. "I've seen firsthand how my pregnant clients feel isolated, scared and unsupported. Doctors' visits are spread out, hospitals are short-staffed and doulas aren't even allowed in some places, So we thought, 'Let's do a virtual retreat that will help these women feel more supported and calm during these trying times.'"

Bartlett couldn't agree more. That's exactly why she and Bregman plan to make social interaction a high priority during their two-and-a-half day retreat. "We are really interested in creating an interactive experience," says Bartlett. "Moms can ask any and all questions they might have about their unique path. Lori and I have taught together before and have shared information on everything from pelvic floor health to birthing yourself as a Mother. No topic is off limits!"

My goal is that women walk away feeling calm and at peace, empowered and educated," says Bregman. Adds Bartlett, "The babies that are being born right now are the future. These are the souls that will lead us into a new world. It is an honor to take care of the moms and know that these babies will become our leaders, visionaries, and experts in health, wellness, and peace!"

To learn more or register online, visit Mothers Into Living Fit. Registration is $299 per person and includes a free goodie bag. Stay tuned for more details to follow on a postnatal retreat to take place this spring!

About Desi Desi Bartlett, M.S., CPT E-RYT, is a celebrity yoga and fitness instructor that specializes in pre and post-natal wellness. With 25 years of experience, she is the author of, "Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy," the co-creator of manduka's round yoga mat, and featured talent on Beachbody on Demand.

About Lori Lori Bregman is a renowned doula, life coach, author of "Mamaste,"and"The Mindful Mom To Be," and co-founder of Seedlyfe Superfoods.With over 19 years of experience, she works with pregnant and new moms on all aspects of their personal transformation from fertility through pregnancy and into new motherhood. Look for her new doula deck available in February on Amazon.

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Celebrity Yoga Instructor Desi Bartlett and Best Selling Author and Doula Lori Bregman Team Up to Support Pregnant Mamas During COVID-19 with Their...

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