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Posted: April 1, 2020 at 4:44 pm

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High stress, anxiety, and ongoing racing thoughts have become a common part of our lives with the coronavirus crisis. It seems like we might go to bed thinking about whats going on in the world around us and wake up with the same agonizing feelings.

Psychotherapist, meditation and yoga instructor with the Cowell Family Cancer Center in Traverse City, Kirt Baab says there are three stages our minds go through during a crisis. First, we remember life before COVID19 and then we know what life is like as were experiencing the sensations of whats going on around us. In the future, once the crisis is over well have a new stage that well begin to process.

While were in the middle stage trying to calm our minds and find inner peace, meditation and mindfulness is what Baab says will help. He says anyone can meditate, even beginners.

The meditation even for a few minutes, puts you in the present moment so youre able to focus on your senses and breath. Its a way to pull away from the chaos around us to simply heal our minds and focus on self-compassion.

To see the two-part interview with Kirt Baab through SKYPE with Melissa Smith see the video above.

For a direct link to a mindfulness and self-compassion website, Baab mentioned in the interviews click here.

For a link to Cowell Family Cancer Center including their support groups click here.

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Calming Your Mind Through Meditation During a Crisis - 9&10 News

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