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Posted: February 16, 2020 at 6:41 am

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Be it while facing an interview or an exam, while giving a presentation at work or a performance on stage, the one thing that you absolutely need is confidence. If you lack it, stress, anxiety and even depressive disorders are likely to plague you.

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One of the most wholesome ways of giving your confidence levels a good boost is yoga. Practising yoga regularly can improve focus, clarity of mind, flexibility and posture while also strengthening your body. Its the perfect way of relieving stress and instilling a sense of empowerment - and thats everything you need to increase your confidence level.

Here are a few yoga asanas you should practise to give your confidence that much-needed boost.

This relaxing seated pose gently stretches your muscles and relieves pain, stress and fatigue simultaneously.

While stretching the entire body, this asana also works as a great stress-buster. You will definitely feel more energized after doing this one.

This asana gently stimulates all the abdominal organs while continuing with the relaxing stretch you did with the downward dog pose.

This asana is meant to turn you into a spiritual warrior who fights ignorance with confidence. Virabhadrasana also stretches the muscles of the entire body and opens up the joints.

Apart from relieving tension from the face and chest, and boosting immunity, Simhasana also makes you feel fierce and ready to face the world.

Nothing boosts confidence than mastering the art of relaxation, and this asana teaches you how to surrender and relax all the muscles of your body simultaneously.

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