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Belly fat is not only unhealthy, but is also ungainly. It is hard to disguise, and the extra weight tends to make you feel sluggish and lethargic. Belly fat also makes you more vulnerable to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hyper tension and obesity. You can also increase your self-confidence with a toned stomach. If you want to know an effective way to shed the kilos, then yoga is akin to cardiovascular exercise that increases your heart rate and helps you burn off those calories.

The tummy contains the most stubborn fat, and can be targeted through specific postures that are included in yoga. Along with exercise, modify your diet to eliminate the use of unnecessary sugar, include more soluble fibre, and limit your intake of carbs to see those inches melt away. There are studies that show the dangers of sugar-sweetened beverages, linking them to 60 per cent increased risk of obesity (in children,) for each daily serving. While genetics do play a role in determining your height, and if you are prone to specific illnesses or even obesity, it is lifestyle that ultimately shapes you. Unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleep patterns, lack of exercise etc. all add up leading to the risk of abdominal obesity.

In yoga, surya namaskar or sun salutations are a great way to start off your practise. This full body workout strengthens tones and makes the body flexible. You could start with five cycles a day and gradually build it up as your stamina increases.

Formation of posture:

Formation of the posture

Formation of the posture

Formation of the posture

Formation of the posture

Himalaya Pranam is also the foundation for your Surya Namaskar and asana practice. This Pranam or salutation comes from the ancient Himalayan culture. This 11-step flow will help you to build your stamina, strength and flexibility. The Vinyasa of Himalaya Pranam consists of a combination of backbends, forward folds and dynamic movements. Perform this 21 times before you start your Sun salutation. Go slow in each posture with awareness on your breath.

Take care of your diet, and make sure you consume your daily requirement of calories. Minimize your sugar consumption including sugary drinks and replace this with whole fruit instead. Not only is extremely healthy, it also adds fibre to your system. An effective tip for reducing hunger pangs is protein. Proteinsare known to boost your metabolism as well which can aid in weight loss. With a sensible diet, sufficient sleep and regular exercise, you can be very successful in your belly fat loss journey.

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5 Yoga Asanas To Try At Home To Get Rid Of Belly Fat - Femina

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