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Whether its due to too much sitting, too little movement (or a job that requires lots of it), or simply stress, our bodies are feeling stiff. Thats where stretching workouts come in big, since they can make tight or shortened muscles feel a whole lot better.

Spending just 15 minutes to go through a stretch routine can provide oxygen-rich blood throughout the body to help alleviate tightness where you may be feeling it, Mia Caine, a certified yoga instructor and founder of Health is Wellth in Miami, Florida, tells SELF.

Along with relieving tightness, stretching workouts can also help you move more smoothly by improving your range of motion and increasing your flexibility. But dont worry: It doesnt mean youll have to train with advanced stretching moves, like splitsunless thats your goal, Caine says.

Whether were talking about those challenging flexibility moves that really push your body, or the gentle, easing routines that simply make your muscles feel more fluid and relaxed, the same rule holds true: Whatever stretching you decide to do, it is important to work from where you are, breathe, and gently move your way through any tension you might feel, says Caine. But most importantly, never push yourself into feeling any kind of pain, as that can lead to injury.

So, how do you get started? If the only stretching youre familiar with is the old grade-school standby of touch your toes, weve got you covered. Here, 22 stretching videos and workouts, from 5 minute in-bed routines to muscle-specific sequences recommended by yoga and Pilates expertsall available on YouTube. Best part? Theyre all free, too.

This yoga sequence is great for anyone who runs or needs extra recovery after a good cardio workout. Youll focus on your lower body to stretch out tight hips, hamstrings, calves and more.

Length: 30 minutes

What to expect: A recovery session thats great for many kinds of sports

This workout is great for people who are tight through the legs and hips and are active, like runners, cyclists, triathletes, rock climbers, or weight lifters. So many of us get caught up in moving faster, lifting harder, and jumping higher, but [engaging in] movement that is gentle not only can reduce soreness, but can often also calm the mind. I love Adriene's soothing presence and find that although she is a yogi and very bendy herself, this workout is very accessible for those who are naturally tight. Christie Wang, PMA certified Pilates instructor in Boston

Try the workout.

This short stretching routine focuses on loosening up your shoulders and back using a lacrosse or tennis ball.

Length: 5 minutes

What to expect: A recovery routine using a lacrosse ball

I love this workout because it uses a lacrosse ball or tennis ball, which helps to deepen the stretch. You're using the prop as a way to break up the fascia [connective tissue] around your muscles, which can get super stiff from sitting or working out a ton. Using a lacrosse ball will give you a more targeted release than a foam roller, and is more space effective if you live in a small apartment. This workout is super quick, and I love Charlee's form cues to help you find the right spot. It helps target release in some key areas that get tight from sitting all dayyour back, hips, and shoulders. Wang

Try the workout.

Use this quick hip mobility routine to loosen tight hip flexors while also challenging your core.

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22 Stretching Workouts on YouTube That Will Loosen Up Your Tight Muscles - Self

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