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Posted: July 2, 2020 at 7:48 pm

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The wonder of yoga is that just about anyone can participate and enjoy its benefits!

In these trying times, we could all use a bit of a check-in with our perceptions of the world, and one way to do that is by practicing opening the third eye chakra through yoga. Celebs like Britney Spears and Danica Patrick are massive followers of the popular exercise program, and the wonder of yoga is that just about anyone can participate and enjoy its benefits.

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The third eye is located on the forehead, between your eyebrows. There are several moves performed throughout yoga that specifically aim to open the third-eye chakra and guide those who practice towards openness, enlightenment, and imagination. Here are our ten favorite third-eye motivating yoga poses.

The warrior positions are some of the most well-known moves in all of yoga. They can be elevated to become challenging or be used gently in prenatal yoga. A humble warrior offers a variation on the position of the arms and the upper body. It also shifts focus to tapping into the third eye chakra.With advantageous positions such as this one, it is no great surprise that celebrities everywhere are jumping on the yoga bandwagon. This move is powerful, stabilizing, and will help those who practice yoga stay in touch with their third eye chakra.

This one is pretty simple and straightforward. To achieve this, third-eye chakra yoga pose, spread your legs wide, and hinge at the waist. Feel the blood rushing to your head, pulsing, and breathe deeply. Next, reach behind you with both arms and attempt to clasp your hands together. Stay here, hanging or swaying slowly for several deep breaths. Be careful and make sure you stand up slowly after this one.

Another version of the warrior pose that helps to activate the third eye chakra is this move. Position your body in a warrior one stance. Take a few stabilizing breaths here and then move to winding your arms in a cow face position. Creating space in your chest and upper back area takes a bit of practice, so do your best to help your fingers meet, but don't push. Throwing a shoulder out won't help anything.

The aim of channeling the third eye is to better hone in on intuition and stabilize the mind, body, and soul. From there, connection and trust in your own path can evolve. This wide-legged forward fold helps to create the stabilization between the shoulders and the spine. A simple twist further stretches the spine. This is another move that will require you to stand up straight slowly so that you don't tip over mid fold!

The revolving lunge will take concentration and balance, but it will help you achieve that third eye chakra that you've been searching for. Position your legs in a warrior stance, with your front leg bent at a ninety-degree angle, not any further. Hinge over at the hips and bring your inner elbow to meet the opposite, bent knee. This movement creates a spine twist. Stay here and breathe deeply, sinking lower into the move with every breath.

The dolphin pose is pretty similar to the popular downward-facing dog that we so often connect yoga to. Instead of pressing into your fingertips, as you would in a downward-facing dog, lower, even more, pressing instead into your forwards.

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Keep your feet firmly planted on your mat as you let your head hang heavy here. If you can cross and clasp your hands, give yourself a gold star. It isn't as easy as it looks.

The locust pose looks a bit funny, but it's a great, soothing move to stretch out your spine and work your leg muscles. Even your core will thank you with this one. Essentially you lie on your front with your arms to your sides. Lift your legs and your chest off of the ground so that only your hips balance on the floor beneath you. Try to remain as still as possible, and don't rock about. Moves like this take a considerable amount of focus.

The camel pose is popular with those trying to activate their third eye chakra and is also popular with people attempting to open the heart chakra. With this deep backbend, several chakras open up, giving yoga lovers a two for one special.

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If you can't bend backward all the way and touch your fingers to your feet, then place your hands on your lower back and hold the stretch there. A modified move will always be a better bet than pushing something too far and causing injury.

The upward bow probably won't happen on the first or second try, but for those dedicated to their yoga practice, this move will open the third eye and help all sorts of muscle groups elongate. This is one of those moves where yogis can raise a leg or lift a heel, making the standard move all their own once they manage to grasp the basics. You're going to look like a pro when you pull this move out.

It's second only to child's pose in comfort. So long as you don't have bum knees or terrible hip flexibility, this move is money. In double pigeon, your hips open up and stretch, and as you extend your arms out, your spine will elongate as well. Everything gets pulled into a slow, beautiful burn of a stretch. Once you get into this little pretzel, you won't want to ever get out of it!

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