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Written by PETA | July 3, 2017

Each of the four new Hagen-Dazs flavors begins with a core ingredient, like real Belgian chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, or coconut cream. But thats not even the best part. Were talking about vegan Hagen-Dazs ice creama delectable dessert that doesnt support the cruel dairy industry. Were so excited, you guys.

Exclusively available at Target stores, each flavor is more delectable than the last:

Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle

This flavor blends rich Belgian chocolate with salted fudge and chunks of fudge truffle.

Coconut Caramel

This insanely delicious ice cream mixes coconut cream with ribbons of caramel.

Mocha Chocolate Cookie

Belgian chocolate and robust coffee meet chocolate cookie pieces in this genius flavor combination.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

This ice cream features creamy peanut butter mixed with swirls of chocolate fudge.

Ben & Jerrys and Breyers recently added vegan flavors to their product lines, too. This is even more proof that people are learning about the horrors of the dairy industry and switching to vegan eating. Its no wonder that mainstream companies are coming out with cruelty-free products.

The dairy industry has many dark secrets. Cows produce milk for the same reason that humans do: to nourish their young. But in order to force them to continue producing milk, farm operators typically impregnate them using artificial insemination every year.

Calves are generally torn away from their mothers within a day of birth, which causes them both extreme distress. Mother cows can be heard calling for their calves for days after separation. Male calves end up in cramped veal crates or barren feedlots, where theyll be fattened for beef, and females are sentenced to the same sad fate as their mothers.

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We All Scream for Hagen-Dazs Vegan Ice Cream | PETA - PETA (blog) (press release)

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