Vegan Yack Attack

Posted: March 8, 2015 at 5:52 am

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I think 2 years is long enough to wait for another iteration of my awesome vegan Vanilla CrmeBrle, dont you? If you havent seen that post or read the story behind the recipe, I highly recommend it. Its filled with stress, tight deadlines, high expectations and success! This was mostly due to my friend, Chef Olivia Hernandez, who at the time was the head chef at El Cid in Silverlake, CA.

Now, Ive finally made a different flavor of this tasty dessert, and yet again its Olivias fault. We had been talking about this recipe a couple of weeks ago and she had been raving about it to some vegan friends of hers in Austin, TX. (where shes located now). Then she challenged me to do a cardamom-flavored veganCrme Brle, and of course I said, Yes!

But, I couldnt just add some cardamom and call it a day; that wouldnt be right. I changed up the ingredients a bit, tested out anew starch, added some other flavors and decided a complimentary garnish was in order. Its citrus season, and coming up on Valentines Day, so blood oranges seemed like the perfect companion to this dessert. Not only did I candy them, turning them into sticky, delectable, orange gummies; I also used their zest in theCrme for a subtle citrus undertone.

So, you have a couple of textures within this treat: smooth and thick custard-yCrme, the quintessential crunchy sugar brle, and the soft but chewy candied blood orange slice. If that doesnt get you drooling, you may need to get your pulse checked, or go look at some chocolate desserts.

Youre probably thinking, I dont have the time to put in the effort for this dessert. You couldnt be more wrong. Aside from the setting time, you spend 5 minutes prepping and 25 minutes cooking, most of that being pretty idle. Many people have had success with the first recipe that I created, and this one is just as easy.

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Vegan Yack Attack

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