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Posted: April 28, 2020 at 2:45 am

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Tabitha Brown attends the Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala on September 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. Photo : Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images )

Tabitha Brown is a walking good mood pill.

Ever since weve been ordered to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, the act of seeking some form of joy has amplified, which has also subsequently provided more time to worry and grieve due to the effects of this crisis.

But thats why Tabitha is right on time. The vegan viral sensation who racked over two million followers on TikTok has signed to Creative Artists Agency (CAA), The Hollywood Reporter confirmed on Friday.

I first came across Tabitha in early April when her TikTok recipe tutorial for smoothie bowls hit Twitter (in fact, this or Instagram is usually how I discover TikTokers). There was something about her Southern accent (shes from North Carolina!) that embraced me like a warm hug on a sunny Sunday. And thus, like so, like that became the official way to describe how something is done.

Plus, the tutorial was persuasive because I ended up getting a bunch of ingredients to make my own Tabitha-inspired smoothie bowl. I didnt actually make it yet because Im still so overwhelmed by current circumstances, but I will one day because thats my business. Shut up, youre not my real mom!

Tabithas voice and general aura are so soothing, she somehow extinguished my carnivore rage that usually surfaces when vegans try to turn meatless products into meat (because they will never be meat!). Watching this sparkling social media maven whos been a vegan since 2016 made me completely forget I was offended by the concept of carrot bacon. This is the power Tabitha has.

I was in prayer and I heard a voice that said, Start doing videos, the 41-year-old actor told BuzzFeed in a recent profile, who also revealed that past agents would always tell her to tone down her Southern accent and recommended that she keep her hair long. But, that wasnt the true Tabitha. It definitely wasnt the Tabitha weve come to love.

The fact that Tabitha has been able to monetize her bubbly brand and fulfill her dreams by landing an agent at one of Hollywoods top agencies is amazing, especially since there was a hilarious learning curve with TikTok at the early stages.

If youre looking for even more warm-and-fuzzies, get into the love jones between Tabitha and her hubby boo.

By the way, because I know you want to know, shes completely fine with being called auntie.

So, next time you need a hug and realize you cant get a physical one due to social distancing, Tabitha Brown will serve as an adequate substitution for now. Like so, like that.

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TikTok Delight Tabitha Brown Has Signed to CAALet's Have a Celebratory Smoothie Bowl! - The Root

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