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If youre in desperate need of a new recipe on rotation after one too many tomato soups and grilled cheeses, I have the perfect addition to your lineup: a vegan Mexican stew thats loaded with plant-based protein.

Bethany Ugarte, the blogger behind Lilsipper, has been eating menudoa tradition Mexican soupduring the holidays for as long as she can remember. While the main component of the original version is cow stomach, she remade it with all vegan ingredients to reap the benefits in a healthier way. And the star of the show is none other than everyones favorite legume: chickpeas.

With 39 grams of protein per cup, chickpeas are an excellent source of nutrition. Put together with vegetarian both, tomatoes, kale, and a splash of metabolism-boosting hot sauce, you can create a simple meal in minutes. The next time you want to cuddle up with a cozy stew, whip up Ugartes easy recipe.

Ingredients 3 cups chickpeas (pre-cooked or canned) 4 cups water 4 cups veggie broth 1/4 cup Franks RedHot Sauce 1 18 oz. jar diced tomatoes 1 cup fresh dinosaur kale, chopped black pepper to taste

1. Warm all soup ingredients in a pot. 2. Once warm, garnish as desired.

For another healthy plant-based recipe, try this immunity broth:

These are the best plant-based proteins that wont mess with your digestion. Then check out the only 7 spices you need to create a million flavor combinations.

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This Mexican stew is loaded with proteinand its 100 percent vegan - Well+Good

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