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The worlds premier vegan film festival is seeking vegan-themed films

The International Vegan Film Festival is a trailblazing event dedicated to celebrating a healthier, compassionate, environmentally friendly lifestyle that can be achieved through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives. This is a rare opportunity to be a part of a festival that has been the launch pad for such noteworthy titles as Alex Lockwoods 73 Cows, which went on to win a BAFTA Award in 2019.

The deadline for film submissions is July 1, 2020. You can submit your film or encourage a filmmaker to submit on IVFFs website:

The International Vegan Film Festival hosted its inaugural Festival on October 14, 2018 at the Mayfair Theatre as the only known vegan film festival in the world. It is now in its third year and will host its first-ever virtual festival. The Festival judging panel includes a whos-who of the vegan world, including Miyoko Schinner, the founder of Miyokos Creamery, Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricitythe UKs first and largest green energy providerand owner of the all-vegan Forest Green Rovers football club as well as David Flynn, one of the twin brothers behind Irelands vegan foodie empire Happy Pear.

The Festival accepts films from professional and amateur filmmakers, with large and small budgets, short and full-length features, and fiction and documentary. All of the films selected for the 2020 Festival will be considered for the 2021 World Tour.

Categories All films will be submitted into 1 of 5 categories: Lifestyle, Animal Advocacy, Health and Nutrition, Environmentalism Protection, and new this year, Public Service Announcement.

Lifestyle: Vegan choices in clothing, travel and highlighting the ways that vegans spread their message through activism, art, community etc.

Animal Advocacy: How eating plants can break the chain of suffering that is endemic in factory farming and the role of animal activists

Health and Nutrition: Exploring the positive benefits of a vegan diet, whats involved in going vegan

Environmental Protection: How meat production harms the planet, and how plant-based eating can help to save it

Public Service Announcement (PSA): A short message in the public interest disseminating information quickly and efficiently, with the objective of raising awareness of, and changing public attitudes and behavior towards, a social issue.

Mission The International Vegan Film Festivals mission is to: Be the leading film festival for vegan films that inspire people to choose a healthier, more environmentally-friendly and compassionate lifestyle through the consumption of plants and animal-free alternatives.

Watch the 2019/2020 International Vegan Film Festival World Tour here:


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