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The holidays are here, which means you'll be celebrating andeatingwith friends and family . Whether you're the hostess with the mostest or the party guest who's ready to impress, making a delicious, vegan and "healthier version" of a sweet tooth's favorite dessert, like chocolate non-dairy cream cake, or warm and vegan buttery cinnamon buns, will be the crowd pleaser!

Or, makea chocolate snowflake pull-apart bread wrapped in a pretty box with a big ribbon and wish your neighbors a happy holiday. Either way, you can't go wrong with making one of a kind dishes that no one will forget.

This week's influencers are inspired by holiday party feasts and gatherings. Here are five vegan recipe developers that can make these masterpieces come to life. They have a variety of options, some healthy, some not so healthy, but it's the holidays, so you deserve to treat yourself! If you're the early riser, wake up and make the cinnamon buns, the smell will excite the late sleepers!

We first found his decorative matcha donuts on Instagram and clicked around to discover more and more beautiful creations like an Oreo pie, sticky cinnamon buns, and vegan mac and cheese, all of our favorite guilty pleasures. We loved him so much we partnered with him on a weekly "What We're CookingThis Weekend,"regular feature,which provides easy-to-make recipes for weekend parties or a loved one.

J.D Raymundo is the creative chef behind The Little Almond, an Instagram and website full of mouth-watering recipes with easy to navigate ingredients and instructions. We hopped on the phone with J.D a few months ago and he told us a little bit about himself, like the fact he decided to go veganthe moment he waswaiting in line for a burger, and when he is not making and baking masterpieces he is working at a local gym as a trainer. He is wonderful to talk to and will answer your questions about living a vegan lifestyle or how to substitute specific ingredients, so send him a DM.

Lenny is a student at UCLA and in her free time makes delicious recipes for vegans like us to recreate. First of all, her images are so crisp and sharp, you'll want to eat these cinnamon buns right off your screen. Lenny creates recipes unlike any other, her purple sweet potato swirl bread looks like a work of art. Wefirst noticed Lenny for her photogenic oatmeal bowls and realized she can make kale look delicious. Try to make one of her fresh salad bowls, my favorite is the falafel bowl, which is a great source of protein.

Mairi focuses on recipes to fuel athletes, as she is a runner herself. Her health-conscious recipes usually include vegetables. And if she is cooking up a yummy dessert, she mostly uses raw ingredients. Theraw cucumber rolls are a creative way to eat more plants and get crafty about it. In addition, Mairi is a photographer, so her pictures look like they came from a glossy cookbook page.

Magda, the talent behind oatmeal_stories, is a comfort-food lover and her Instagram has over a quarter of a million followers. If you're a breakfast lover, Magda is your best guide to vegan fluffy pancakes, healthy chia seed bowls, crispy waffles, and hearty oatmeal bowls. If you're bored with your simple brown-sugar-flavored oatmeal, she will show you over 50 ways you can make oatmeal, whether it's a different topping or mixed in ingredient, like matcha powder, or almond butter, it will change the taste of the base. Magda likes to say, "another day, another oatmeal bowl".

5. @Barbarafrenchvegan

A vegan living in France, Barbara is a master for all things holiday, and her recipes make you want to whip up aspecial-occasion treat or flavorful dessert. Her pinecones, at the top of this story, are worthy of a catered affair. Only five ingredients, they are edible vegan chocolate and peanut butter pinecones.

If you're throwing a party, or thinking of which dish to bring to your friend's house, Barbara has a variety of creative ideas, like thesnowflake pull-apart bread, caramel and coconut cheesecake, and Christmas truffles. Filter through her recipes to find dietary restrictions substitutes like gluten-free, and sugar-free ingredients. For the link to theedible pine cones, click here.

If you want to share your favorite recipes or influencers, send us an email at or DM us @thebeet on Instagram.

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The Best Vegan Food Bloggers and Recipe Developers to Follow -

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