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There are few things better than popping open a bag of chips and biting into some salty deliciousness. The only problem is, processed snacks like these are often calorie-dense, void of nutrition and filled with foreign ingredients. The good news is, the chip has evolved over the years thanks to socially conscious and health-forward brands that care about more than just taste. Weve tracked down the best chips and crisps that are 100% vegan and using innovative ingredients and preparation methods to ensure you get the most healthful, sustainable chip on the planet. Say goodby to the high fat, fried chip, and say hello to a new generation of better-for-you (and the world) chips and crisps.

Once you pop, you wont stop...and you wont feel bad about it

PopCorners latest chip line, Flourish, is the ultimate chip experience, minus the guilt; only 100 calories for 30 crisps, plus 4 grams of protein per serving in their Kale flavor. The secret sauce is the chickpea flour mixed with real veggies and baked (rather than fried). There are four flavors in the Flourish lineyou cant go wrong with any of them. They are a perfect little dippable size, but with all that flavor, youll be inclined to eat them on their own.

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We are in love and rooting for you

Plant Snacks uses the vitamin and mineral-rich cassava root sustainably grown and harvested in Brazilas a base ingredient for its chips; its naturally grain-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. A simple ingredient list lineup, these perfect bit-size square chips are perfect for snackingwith or without a dip involvedand come in six flavors to choose from. Plant Snacks are always vegan, non-GMO and allergen-free.

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Beans in surprising places

You might know Beanfields as the OG bean-based traditional chip, but one of its latest innovations is Vegan Cracklins, a chip-like crisp that provides bold flavor plus three grams of fiber and four grams of protein. These crisps are gluten-free, non-GMO and come in five mouth-watering flavors that pair well with any dip: Nacho, Cheddar Sour Cream, Himalayan Pink Salt, Jalapeno Lime, Spicy Queso, Himalayan Salt & Vinegar and Jalapeno Nacho.

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Tortilla chips are out; Forgers is in

Who needs regular old corn tortilla chips when you can have Forgers instead! Forgers products are always veganyou may have had their creamy cashew milk and plant-based yogurtand ingredients are always from certified organic vendors, made from ancient grains like sprouted brown rice and quinoa, not corn. And, oh the taste. WARNING: You may not be able to stop at just one; you could easily devour the entire bag before you know it. There are four flavors in their line up, but the BBQ Chipotle Greens delivers a perfect hit of spice and south-of-the-border flare you wont find elsewhere.

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Naked...and not afraid!

A chip snack doesn't get more simple than Bare. The name says it all; if there were a prize for the least amount of ingredients used in a bagged chip, Bare would win. With just two ingredientscarrots and sea saltBare is known for making clean products and also being a go-to for those with food allergies. The Carrot Chips have a perfect mix of salty and sweet, but also give the Beet Chips and Sweet Potato Chips a whirl. Buy them online.

All hail the queen of kale

Brads takes kale and other veggies to a whole new dimension. It doesnt get healthier than its Crunchy Kale with organic kale mixed in sunflower seeds, carrot, onion and garlic topped with turmeric powder for a tiny kick plus some anti-inflammatory action. Theyve also branched out to chips, which are packed with real, whole veggies; if you are on raw foods or living foods diet, these are for you. All Brads products are air-dried and never baked or fried, so enzymes and nutrients are locked in. Just one serving of Crunchy Kale delivers 30% of your daily recommended Vitamin C needs! Buy online.

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The 6 Best and Healthiest Vegan Chips - The Beet

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