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Posted: July 8, 2017 at 12:41 am

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"I like bacon," one kid tells the director. She's responding to whether or not she likes meat and every kid present gives pretty much the same response. Aye. They're into it.

They're being asked about meat because the kids are about to try a host of meat and cheese substitutes in a series of vegan dishes. Naturally, some explanation is needed.Veganism is harder to explain to a kid than you might expect. (It's also sometimes hard for adults.) It's easy to say vegans don't eat any product that comes from an animal, but how do you respond when the kid says, "What!? They don't eat chocolate!"

The regulars in the "Kids Try" series are used to having the rug pulled from underneath them when they find out they're eating something horrifying. (At least, to kids. Looking at you, vegetables.) So, while eating Chick'n Nuggets, it's not surprising they're skeptical when asked, "Would you believe me if I said there wasn't meat in them?"

For the most part, the experiment has kidshappilyeating vegan substitutes. Though, one girl knocks the world fakon and tofurky down a peg while eating vegan nachos, noting it'd be better if it had "real cheese and real meat." Another kid is asked if he'd like to become a vegan now and he responds, "No. I want to be American."

So, kids might not be the best control group for fake meat's ability to pass as meat. One kid is asked what his favorite meat is. He replies, in the form of a question, "Horse?" Watch all the confusion above.

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