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Posted: June 13, 2020 at 11:44 am

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I dont think anyone is too surprised, said vegan nutritionist Paul Kerton.

In a video released on YouTube earlier this week, Jon Venus revealed that he is no longer vegan after becoming a dad two years ago made him question his general philosophical perspective on veganism and the fact that its nutritional benefits are contentious.

His announcement has led to many from the vegan community including his own brother Dr. Leo Venus speaking out on Venuss decision to switch to an omnivore diet.

Dr. Venus said in a follow up video, that (Jons) decision isnt going to look the best for the vegan movement for a while, but its not that big of a deal, we still have the science, we still have a ton of people.

Redress the claims

Paul Kerton, a vegan nutritionist and influencer made his own video discussing the news and said that while he didnt want to slam Venus for his decision he didnt want people to be swayed without knowing the truth.

He then proceeded to answer Venuss arguments in a stepwise fashion.

Answering venuss concern on the nutrition of his baby, Kerton responded: We know that the higher serum LDL level of the mother, the more likely that the fetus or the unborn baby will have fatty lesions , the bedrock of atherosclerosis in their aorta.

Thats right folks the number one cause of death in humans starts in the womb predicated on whether your mum beats animal products or processed junk.

In the beginning of the video, Kerton recommended parents concerned about raising their kids vegan read Becoming Vegan, as it is a comprehensive guide on plant-based nutrition.

No confusion

Debunking Venus next argument on nutritional papers being confusing, Kerton said it was only confusing for the ones following those who didnt understand how the science works.

He continued that there is evidence that plant based doctors are treating and reversing some of the deadliest diseases and no animal based diet has been similarly proved to prevent 14 of the leading 15 causes of death and reverse 5 including the top killer -heart disease.


According to Venus: A lot of times when youre vegan, especially for me, you are in this bubble. You are in the mindset of we are doing something that is ethical, were doing this because it feels right in every single wayand because this is my perspective, Im only going to listen to other people with the same perspective that have the same mission.

While Kerton agreed that at times people did develop biases but it made no difference to the fact that animal products are horrible for human health and does not contain any nutrient that cant be better sourced from elsewhere and after months of research, Kerton said he had come to the conclusion that if he didnt go vegan, he wouldve been the orchestrator of his death similar to 75% of his fellow westerners who die because of eating a heavy animal diet or processed junk food.

Countering Venuss opinion in which he said that he was influenced into feeling a vegan diet was optimal based on the targeted opinions of big associations like The American Dietetics Association (ADA), Kerton said that the ADA has never explicitly advocated a vegan diet. He referenced a post, in which ADA recommended that children should be fed fish and parents should take their children fishing.

Questioning Venuss claim that we are all trying to come from a place of compassion and love and trying to make the world a better place, Kerton asked: How can that be done while paying for murder and environmental devastation?

Kerton addressed Venuss other points of contention such as the need for B12 supplementation, inconclusive evidence that veganism was optimal for children, long term health benefits of a vegan diet, and more.

Dismissing Venuss rant about how close friends and allies divorced him after his decision to ditch veganism, while his other friends said they respected his choice Kerton replied: I personally cannot believe that any serious vegan could respect anyone for funding animal abuse.

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