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If family holidays inevitably mean a bit of drama for you under normal circumstances, then introducing your new diet into the equation may not make things any easier. Food is about so much more than sustenance among friends and family members. Food is linked to tradition. Food is a love language for many. Food is about heritage and pride and ancestors. Its about memories and bonds. You may not even quite realize this until its time for you to share a holiday with loved ones, and youre a new vegan. Sure, youve eaten at restaurants with these loved ones as a vegan. But that was different. Restaurants are impersonal, and those werent special days like Thanksgiving.

This holiday can bring complicated emotions and experiences for vegans, particularly new vegans. But even veteran vegans can tell you that the holiday is always a little bit prickly. Vegans dont get to just coast on through this day. They have to not only prepare desserts and side dishes but they also have to prepare responses for uncomfortable conversations and situations. But, just because youve made a personal choice about your lifestyle doesnt mean you shouldnt get to enjoy this holiday. Here are tips for enjoying Thanksgiving as a new vegan.

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Trying to make something that tastes like turkey but isnt turkey will leave you resenting your new diet. Plus, a lot of the fake stuff is made with more soy and chemicals than anyone should ingest in one sitting. The secret to enjoying veganism is to not try to replicate a carnivore diet through plant items. That will leave you feeling like youre missing out. Make good vegan dishes that were meant to be vegan.

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