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Tammara Thibeault is a young vegan boxer who is out to show the world that you don't need to eat meat or dairy to get protein and train for your sport at the highest levels. The24-year-oldboxer istraining intensely for the Tokyo games and eatsa strictly vegan diet and says she hopesis toraise worldwide awareness about the nutritional and overall health benefits of living plant-based.

Im proof you can get all the nutrients you need if youre living plant-based, Thibeault, who is boxing for Canada, asserted. Three years ago, I started slowly cutting meat out of my diet and one day I realized I didnt have any meat at all in my refrigerator. I feel better when I dont eat meat. Its better for your health and the environment.

Thibeault started boxing at age nine,as a way to spend more time with her brother and her father, former professional football player Patrick Thibeault, who used boxing to stay in shape during his off-season. Calling herself "too stubborn to not be good," the now 6' and 165-lb Thibeault used her "smooth-boxing"styleto win countlessearlyaccolades, including a bronze at the 2019 World Championships, and a gold at the 2017 Continental championships, as well as a silver at the 2019 Lima Pan Am Games.

Watching the very first women's Olympic boxing competition at the London 2012 games is what inspired Thibeault to strive for Olympic glory, said the boxer, who just signed on as an official ambassador for Vejii, the online marketplace for vegan and plant-based food products.

Even though Im favored for a medal, I dont consider it my primary focus, she explained. My main focus is not the result. Its to go there and perform well. The results will just come with it. Its about being the best me I can be. If I can excel in my sport and use my voice as a platform for other positive things, Ill say Ive done everything I set out to do.

One of the issues Thibeault is most passionate about is the healthy and environmental benefits of reducing meat intake without suffering from any lack of dietary options which is where she andVejiifound common ground. Im really excited about working withShopVejii.combecause I feel like a lot of our values align. I

She adds that she is working "to show people theres an easy way to have plant-based options in their diets. Its possible to have it all.

"My goal is to show people that they can still eat the dishes they love even if they switch to plant-based. You dont have to eat rice broccoli and chicken every day to be healthy.

"Tammara's commitment to her community, the planet, and her sport are truly inspiring. We are proud to align ourselves with athletes who align so well with our corporate mandate, said Vejii CEO Kory Zelickson of bringing Thibeault aboard as their newest brand ambassador.

Thibeault says that beyond boxing shes committed to making a difference wherever possible. She is currently finishing her bachelors degree in Urban Studies with a minor in Spanish at Concordia University and will then go on to earn a masters degree in architecture, specializing in sustainable housing.

A lot of people see me as just a boxer, but my goal is to do humanitarian work in Central America and help with the housing crisis." She says she hopes her work will somedaymake a difference. "Everyone has to do their little parts. Even if we can convince people to try one vegetarian meal per week without changing their overall diets, it will go a long way.

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Female Boxer Wants to Show You Can Win Olympic Gold as a Vegan - The Beet

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