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Posted: June 27, 2020 at 4:48 am

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It's time to get Amped Up, and we're talking healthy ways of eating. We're exploring veganism with Letoiya Jones.

MACON, Ga. I want people to know that vegan food is not just rabbit food or just salads, says self-proclaimed vegan Letoiya Jones.

Jones has been a practicing vegan for the past four years. She decided to try the lifestyle after having issues digesting food including meat and fish, and she says the changes shes made in the kitchen have paid off and the transition was pretty easy.

Jones says, I had mentally been preparing myself for months, so once I decided to do it, I was OK, and when I did it four years ago, there werent as many substitutions like they have now. I still eat vegan junk, but mainly, I eat fruits and vegetables.

Processed vegan foods like Oreo cookies are Jones' favorite, but as a true vegan, that means she doesnt eat any animal flesh or byproducts like milk, cheese, or eggs, so shes decided to take things into her own hands -- literally, creating delicious and nutritious meals via her business, Southern Garden Kitchen.

Im excited about continuing to cook and continuing to change the stigma of veganism that everything is so restricted, explains Jones. I like to think of it as, 'Think of what you can eat and not what you cant eat,' and its a lifestyle and not a diet. It's truly a lifestyle, so I look forward to changing peoples minds.

Jones says her new way of eating gives her more energy and has helped her lose more than 100 pounds along her journey. If youre interested in giving veganism a try,hop on over to Facebook and check out Southern Garden Kitchen with Letoiya Jones to get you started.

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AMPED UP: Veganism a healthy eating option -

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