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Posted: October 8, 2019 at 6:50 am

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In a world where even something as seemingly harmless as "confectioner's glaze" is made with beetle secretions (nope, not jokingthank you, PETA), finding vegan candy can be a CHALLENGE.

Whether you're gung-ho about the animal-free life or just trying to avoid dairy and, ya know, beetles, you can totally still indulge your sweet toothif you know what sneaky ingredients to look out for.

Obviously, dairy ingredients like milk, butter, milk fat, condensed milk, and milk powder are off the table. Same goes for casein and whey, two types of protein in milk often used in candies.

Other no-gos: Gelatin, which comes from animal bones and is often used in gummies. Oh, and another gross one? Carmine (often listed as cochineal extract or Natural Red 4), a red coloring made from crushed insects, per PETA.

Though you'll have to kiss most chocolate candies (including classic Tootsie Rolls) goodbye, you've still got plenty of vegan options left in the candy aisle. After scouring dozens of ingredients lists (and consulting PETA's website), I found 18 popular picks that are completely animal-free.

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18 Popular Candies That Are Totally Vegan - Women's Health

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