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Not to be confused with Hello Panda, Panda Chocolates began with a simple mission: Create vegan milk chocolate bars that are indistinguishable from their dairy counterparts. Luckily for us, they succeeded! Their Hazelnut Cream and Pistachio Halva flavors are a sure bet to make you a chocoholic. All Panda Chocolates are 100% vegan, and their cocoa beans are UTZ certified. You can order from their generous array of both milk and dark chocolate bars directly on their website here.

Who says you cant have it all? At Sjaaks (Pronounced JACKS), you can! Their creamy chocolate bars will satisfy anyones craving. And you can rest happily knowing that every ingredient is organic, fair trade, non-GMO, and of course vegan. Theres no shortage of options when it comes to Sjaaks catalog. Their products range from melk chocolate bars to 70% extra dark chocolate bars and everything in between. You can find Sjaaks chocolate at select retailers nationwide and online at their website.

Repeat after me: When I say chocolate, you say healthyChocolate! Healthy! Nellys organic chocolate bars are packed with vitamins and minerals. They pride themselves in using only the finest nutrient-based, whole food, organic ingredients to make for a tasty treat. Nellys chocolate bars come in various flavors, including peanut butter coconut, caramel nougat, and so much more.

Teaser Alert*Trupo Treats is currently taking pre-orders for their mylk chocolate bar lineup. These treats are predestined to be a massive hit from mock Kit Kat bars to Twix, they are revolutionizing the vegan milk chocolate market. Trupo chocolates are all fairly traded with sustainable packaging. Additionally, Trupo will donate 25% of all net profits to animal sanctuaries. You can pre-order your treats now and expect delivery in late June or early July.

May is food allergy awareness month which makes No Whey chocolate bars a perfect treat! Their lineup of milkless chocolate is free from the nine most common allergens. From milkless crunch bars to sunflower-filled chocolate cups, they dont mess around. This isnt childs play, its No Whey!

Vego started small, but demand has made them skyrocket into stores in over 25 countries. If that doesnt speak amazing chocolate, then we dont know what does! Theyre famous for their hazelnut bars, and they donate 10% of profits each year to NGOs around the world that fight for animal welfare, human justice, and eco-friendly causes.

Tazas stone-ground chocolate is crafted using traditional Mexican stone mills that ensure minimal processing and make for a delicious bold treat. Taza is pioneering the industry in Direct Trade Certified cacao. Their lineup includes a variety of almond milk chocolate bars, chocolate-covered treats, and more. All Taza chocolates are 100% vegan and organic.

Youve probably spotted Enjoy Life vegan chocolate bars at your local grocery market, which makes these treats a very accessible pick. From rice milk bars to morsels, Enjoy Life has a massive portfolio of chocolaty treats for everyone. They even stock soft-baked chocolate chewy bars! Note: The Ricemilk Crunch flavor contains honey.

If youre a dark chocolate fan, then Hu has you covered! This completely vegan and gluten-free brand has flavors ranging from hazelnut butter to crunchy mint and even vanilla. Best of all, you can refer a friend to Hu, and you both receive $5 off your order of $50 or more! Sure, you can refer a credit card to someone and earn some points, but why waste time doing that when you can refer chocolate instead?!

Did someone say matcha chocolate? Yes, you heard us right, matcha chocolate! Raaka is changing the game with their unique chocolate bars filled with robust ingredients and flavors that will turn heads. Mothers day is right around the corner, and we cant think of a better way to treat her than with a Raaka chocolate bar. Whether you choose their waffle cone flavor, or maple and nibs, youre sure to give a chocolaty smile to whoever is graced with one of these unique bars.

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