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There are all kinds of different Fighting-type Pokemon out there. See which one of these are you based on your zodiac sign.

Since Generation I, Fighting-type Pokmon have been some of the best offensive team members in any Trainer's arsenal. With theirpowerfulmoves and strong personalities, their energy and vigor lifts the team's spirits as well as aiding in battle.

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While Fighting-types may seem bold, energetic, and feisty across the board, the category actually encompasses a widerange of Pokmon personalities. Though they all tend to focus on striking down opponents with physical strength, their styles andtemperaments vary widely.To explore that variety, here'sa guide to which Fighting-type Pokmon best exemplifies each of the twelve signs on the Zodiac.

Fierce and aggressive, Mankey shares several traits with the sign of the ram. Prone to ragesfor no reason, its quick temper is reminiscent of Aries' powerfulenergy. Nobody wants to get on an Aries' bad side, just like no Pokmon wants to be on the receiving end of a Mankey's rage.

Yet for all their vigor, Aries often flames out quickly. Similarly, Mankey returns to a sweet, docile nature once their anger dies down. However, when it's time to fight, neither Aries nor Mankey will ever hold back.

Like the sign of the bull, this Generation III Pokmon is something of a gentle giant. Despite their immense fighting power, this Pokmon is kind-natured and practices etiquette and respect towards its opponents.

Similar to Tauruses, theyare patient and persistent, never giving up no matter how many times they lose in battle. Family-oriented nature is another Taurus quality that Hariyama shares. They love to help others, and often dedicate their later years to training their prior evolution, Makuhita.

Kind and helpful on construction sites, yet fearsome in battle, Machoke exemplifies the dual nature of a Gemini. Its two sides are equally valuable to its trainers, as itsphysical prowesscomes in handy in every scenario.

Like this sign, Machoke is a jack of all trades,using its strength wherever and however it is needed most. With its adaptability, endless energy, and friendly nature, Machoke's Gemini qualities display themselves at every turn. Similarly, its power can lead it to be unpredictable, like the sign of the twin.

Passimian live in troops about 20-30 members strong, whose mutual survival depends on each other. Because of this, they are loyal and protective towards their troop members, similar to the family-oriented nature of Cancers.

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The sign of the crab thrives onunity and teamwork. Sincethey are known asthe Teamwork Pokmon, Passimian is an excellent fit. Cancers are also a creative sign, and Passimian is creative in its fighting tactics. Troops confuse and blind opponents before damaging them, working inharmony to take down foes.

As the sign of the lion, Leos are fierce and protective. Scrafty's personality is built on these traits:They have no patience for those who challenge their territory or hurtmembers of their group. They don't allow themselves to be ignored, just like any Leo.

Justas Leos thrive in groups, Scrafty live in large packs, the leader of which protects the rest from threats. Both Scrafty and those under the Leo sign can come across as rude or arrogant. However, they are protective of their loved ones.

This legendary Pokmon from the Isle of Armor expansiondisplays the same diligent nature as a Virgo. It trains tirelessly to hone its body and mind, persistent even after defeat. Similarly, Virgos set high standards for themselves and do not rest in their quest to achieve them.

Kubfu is said to act as a guide to those traveling through the mountains, displaying a Virgo's desire to help others. Additionally, Virgos love to expand their mindsjust like Kubfu, who evolvesby reading scrolls and gaining the knowledge within.

When Tyrogue's attack and defense are equal at level 20, it evolves into Hitmontop. Thus, balancea key aspect of the Libra signis central to Hitmontop's existence. This doesn't just apply to its philosophy, but on a literal level as well. Hitmontop isusuallydepicted balancing on its pointed head, spinning like a top.

Additionally, Libras value beauty and style. Hitmontop's Pokdex entries describe its twirling kicks aselegant and graceful. Its battle style is a perfect balance of offense and defense, which embodies the Libra spirit.

This sign is especially perceptive and observant; it noticesthings others do not. As the Aura Pokmon, Lucario shares this quality, able to read the energy of people and Pokmon in a way no one else can. Like Scorpios, it is deep and complex, due to its keen awareness of others' emotions.

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Scorpiosoften close themselves off, opening up to a few people.Lucario is similarly reserved, and Trainers must work hard to gain its trust. However, once they do, this Pokmon will form an incredible bond with them.

Sagittarians areinquisitiveand like to expand their minds. Clobbopus' Pokdex entries describe it as curious, with a love of exploration. It also displays this sign's enthusiasm: Clobbopus' favorite way to investigate is to punch things with its tentacles.

This signcan occasionally be reckless and rebellious. Clobbopussharethis knack for getting into trouble, but like Sagittarius, they can easily wriggle their way out of it. Detaching a waving tentacle as a decoy, Clobbopus gleefully escapes predators and lives to explore another day.

The sign of the goat tends towards an air of class and traditional refinement.They are honest and loyal, often with a serious disposition. A master of swordsmanship and chivalric courtesy, Gallade embodies these characteristicsand ideals.

Gallade further displaysCapricorntraits through its intensely protective attitude towards its trainer. True to its honorable warrior image, this Pokmon is keenly aware whenever others need help, and does not hesitate to rush to their aid. This is another trait of Capricorn nature,since they value honor above all else.

Aquarians are original and inventive, and like to think outside the box. True to this idea, Mienshao is an innovative fighter, using the hair on its arms as whips. Its attacks are unique, fast, unstoppable, and disorientingnot to mention its bizarre battle cry. Taken together, Mienshao often lives up to the unpredictable nature of Aquarius.

Also like this sign, Mienshaocherishes the company of its closest friends. Just as Aquarians value teamwork, this Pokmon is happiest when training alongside its Trainer.

Intuitive, sensitive Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac. Because of this, it has a lot in common with Medicham, whoboastsgreat spiritual power and energy. Like Lucario, it can sense auras, which calls to mind the sign of the fish's incredible intuition.

Itincreasesits physical prowess through rigorous spiritual training, demonstrating a connection to the metaphysicalthat is equally important to Pisces. Furthermore,this signis often artistic, which Medicham echoes with its graceful and dance-like movements in battle.

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