Welcome to Chakra Evolution by Collette Oonah Corcoran

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Collette has spent her whole adult life as a seeker of her truth, love and power. Trained in several disciplines of Yoga, Womb Awakening and Tantric Sacred Dance. She founded The Urban Buddha -Yoga Studio, is Creator and Director of Chakra Evolution Teacher Training, Chakra Evolution Online Course, she has also written The Golden Sacred Heart a journey in awakening the mystical heart and The Sacred Rose rediscovering the sacred sexual self, which are also available as online courses.

Collette is also a clairvoyant / clairsentient who works with people on an individual basis guiding them into their own soul healing and awareness of their ability to identify their own souls wounding and power to heal. Her sessions are unique to each person and draw on her many skills, gifts, there are always next steps and tools given to aid self-empowerment. She has a very loving way of exposing the truth and the shadow aspects of the human psyche. Her testimonials have transformed peoples lives and she has many clients who use her spiritual guidance, to awaken their own soul purpose. She is very passionate in empowering people to be of service to themselves and others. Her thirst for all that is sacred leads her to live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling for her own spiritual lessons and delivering workshops around the world. She is deeply rooted in her love for God and believes that all men and women are a direct Conduit for the Divine.

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Welcome to Chakra Evolution by Collette Oonah Corcoran

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