The Definition of Spiritual Intelligence

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Three Dimensions of IntelligenceDefinition of Spiritual Intelligence

Spiritual intelligence is a higher dimension of intelligence that activates thequalities and capabilities of the authentic self (or the soul), in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace. Spiritual intelligence results in a sense of deeper meaning and purpose, combined with improvements in a wide range of important life skills and work skills [ref].

where P = presence

As an analysis of spiritual intelligence, the above equation means that SQ equals IQ and EQ magnified by the power of presence. Thus spiritual intelligence results when intellectual and emotional intelligence are exercised in the state of presence. But what is presence? Although the experience of presence is unmistakable, nevertheless the nature of presence isoften misunderstood.

Presence is more than simply being awareof your immediate surroundings with greater clarity than usual. Thats only one ofthe results of presence. Presence is the shift from the object-pole of attention to thesubject-poleof attention, which results in the corresponding shift from ego to soul.When you shift to the subject-pole of attention, by identifying with feeling-awarenesss itself instead of identifying with your body and mind, there is greater clarity about everything at the object-pole of attention, including your immediate surroundings. However, theessential nature ofpresence is the shift from ego to soul, and greaterclarity ofmind is one of the results.

Spiritual intelligence equals IQ and EQ exercised with presence.

Therefore theequation SQ = P(IQ+EQ) means that SQequals IQ and EQ when governed by your soul. When your soul governs IQ and EQ, as it does inmoments ofpresence, your egois removed from command.Consequently, in those moments,your ego is notincharge of your thoughts, emotions, purposes, values, and actions. SQ is therefore your most valuable personal resource, because it puts your soul in command. The souldoes a much better job than the ego, since the soul is the source of wisdom,compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace [ref]. Therefore SQ realises your full potential,by living from your soul, and thus transforms the life destinythat would otherwise be created by the ego.

Thediagram below illustratesa contemporarymethod of access to spiritual intelligence, called theSQ Portal. Transit through the SQ Portal is accomplished in three steps. These three simple steps shift identification from the object-pole to the subject-pole of attention, which creates a corresponding shift from ego to soul. This video shows how to use the SQ Portal to activate your spiritual intelligence.

As a powerful combination of three principal dimensions of intelligence, 3Q represents IQ and EQ in association with SQ. Studies in neuroscience confirm that spiritual intelligence is correlated with hemispheric synchronisation and whole brain activation [ref]. Consequently, coaching in 3Q trains the whole brain. The resulting whole-brain coherence optimises brain function, and results in greater fulfilment, increased creativity, sharpened intuition, more empathy and compassion, and improved performance on a wide variety of work skills and life skills.

When you activate a higher dimension of intelligence, you gain access to the qualities and capabilities of your higher self. You can use the method taught in this course to shift from ego to soul, and activate your spiritual intelligence. This releases your intuition and creativity, and results in a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, which ultimately transforms your entire personality. For more information about the 3Q Essentials online course click here

The SQ paradigm is based on a synthesis of findings from related fields of scientific research, including cognitive psychology, psychoanalysis, transpersonal psychology, and neuroscience. These findings represent the scientific foundations of spiritual intelligence, as summarised in the following article: The Psychology of Spiritual Intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is easy to experience. We all experience SQ spontaneously at times. But spontaneous moments of SQ are rare and unpredictable. Therefore its important to know how to experience SQ intentionally. When you can engage your spiritual intelligence voluntarily, at any time of your own choosing, SQ becomes your most powerful personal resource.Thisvideoprovides step-by-step instructions on how to activate SQ intentionally. Watch the video here

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The Definition of Spiritual Intelligence

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