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After many years of offering our integrated program of solar-lunar evolutionary vinyasa from the roots, we are so happy to offer our first LUNAR only Teacher Training path.

Join vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea and the Global Prana Vinyasa Collective for new Personal Change and Professional Teacher Training programs to create balance, healing and greater accessibility of all forms of yoga for all.

This is an all-level teacher training path for your wisdom, life-experience and embodiment without any physical restrictions upon the level of your asana practice. In this training you develop your skills to

Program includes live modules in both healing and sacred places around the world and urban yoga centers combined with our Yoga Alchemys Lunar Arts Online Program integrates lunar arts into your daily life through the rhythm of the year.

Embody and Learn:

54 / 108 / 200 / 300 / 500 Hour Certification Pathways. Complete your pathway with the Lunar Arts Modules that fulfill your desired contact hour certification and speak to you as Lunar Prana Flow Yoga Teacher & Wellness Guide.

Choose your combination of modules:

Core Modules (Required, if taken in past 5 years with Shiva may count)

Lunar Prana Vinyasa - Slow Flow Lunar Foundation Prana Vinyasa or Slow Flow Lunar Elemental Prana Vinyasa

Soma Prana Flow - Tantric Yin

Elective Modules

Power of Pranams - Practices for Healing and Balance

Chakra Prana Flow - Tantric Movement Meditation

Rasa Prana Flow - Art of Tantric Yin

Bhakti Prana Flow - Devotion in Motion

Shakti Prana Flow - Healing and Empowering Practices for Women

Sahaja Prana Flow - Flow Arts and Ecstatic Yoga Trance Dance

Inner Arts - Meditation Mandalas

Woven into the tapestry of the Lunar Arts Prana Flow modules you will learn and circulate:

Foundation, Elemental, Chakra, Rasa, and Bhakti Meditations, Mantras and Mudras

Additional Elective Course Modules:

Relaxation in Flow: Soma Prana Vinyasa and Moon Salutations

Global Ecstatic - Yoga Trance Dance & Tribal House Jam

Tending the Fire - Living in Rhythm to explore the Art of Teaching

Body Flow Arts: Self-Partner Massage

Prana Flow Massage I - Rolling Arts - Self-Massage Tools

Prana Flow Massage II - Nadi Flow Arts- Nadi Sampradaya & Ayurvedic Massage

Prana Flow Massage III - Anatomy through Massage: Know Thy Self

Online Sadhana at http://www.yogaalchemy.com

Living in Rhythm

Online course offerings for all offering seasonal and lunar cycle meditations, sadhanas, and reflection. Supports health, vitality, and embodied living in sync in with nature.

Modules (live and with online course support) and Descriptions

Power of Pranams - Practices for Healing and Balance

Experience the Power of Pranams- the practice of bowing within to full recpeptivity to the earth and rising that is at the heart of the worlds spiritual traditions, central to yoga in India and open to all as a universal movement meditation. Learn to teach and practice pranam as movement meditation- flow for all.

Lunar Prana Vinyasa - Slow Flow Foundation

Applies theory of Elemental and Foundation Prana Vinyasa- embodying Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space with focus on the Lunar Prana Flow sequences and creating a healing, calming quality to the elemental sadhana. You will learn 5 Lunar Prana Flow Elemental namaskars or 5 Roots Lunar Prana namaskars and Lunar Prana Vinyasa sequences.

Soma Prana Flow - Tantric Yin

Soma Prana Vinyasa is a moving meditation into a deep whole-body opening, relaxation as a flowing tantric-based approach to lunar or yin yoga. This regenerative practice offers one half meditative Prana Vinyasa namaskars and deep lunar mudrasanas, and one half inner arts of meditation, mantra, mudra, self massage, and deep savasana. Soma is a Vedic-Tantric understanding of the revivifying elixir-nectar, the secret to longevity, and a refined healing essence that can be generated with us through forms of meditation and natural flow.

Chakra Prana Flow- Tantric Movement Meditation

Chakra Prana Flow embodies the circular power of the Chakra Prana Vinyasa mandala namaskars as lunar healing arts. This sadhana includes one or more of the four Prana Vinyasa Chakra namaskars paired with long lunar mudrasanas, backbends, inversions, mantra, pranayama, and deep savasana.

Rasa Prana Flow - Art of Tantric Yin

Literally translated as juice, essence, taste, plasma, alchemy, or transformative state rasa assumes the concentrated essence of something, such as the sweetness of the mango. Rasa Prana Flow cultivates the relaxing, softer essence of the four Rasa Prana Vinyasa namaskars and sequences. You will learn to invoke lunar energetic states of flow through Prana Flow namaskars for Vira, Sringara, and Shanti rasas.

Bhakti Prana Flow - Devotion in Motion

In this transformative immersion, we will integrate both universal and traditional yoga practices of the heart and awaken and regenerate the body of love through meditations of the mystic heart, transformative Prana Vinyasa backbending sequences and life practices. This module explores heart practices to open us to every breath for cultivating love and compassion to support our health, longevity, and genuine happiness.

Shakti Prana Flow

This module is a path to awaken the living connection of the sacred feminine from fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and the change that continues to deepen through the loving and transformative process. Deepen your cultivation of embodied spirituality, opening to and nurturing the creative juices, creative empowerment, and wisdom change. As students we explore how to teach Prana Flow lunar arts for women through three Shakti Prana Flow practices , exploring the universal aspects of the Goddess as Great Mother.

Sahaja Prana Flow - Flow Arts and Ecstatic Yoga Trance Dance

Learn to lead this internationally celebrated prana yoga and free-form movement meditation. For yoga teachers and yogadventurers who are interested in the interconnections of yoga and dance, this Trance Dance intensive provides the basic tools to explore the foundations of Yoga Trance Dance.

We are all born knowing how to dance; this inherent movement is well documented as one of the oldest planetary yogas. Evolving since 1994, Yoga Trance Dance is a contemporary exploration of the spirit of dance within yoga. Beginning with sahaja prana vinyasa or the experience of prana initiating yogasanas in a spontaneous, natural flow, yoga trance dance unfolds into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to liberate ones creative life force and cultivate embodied freedom.

Additional Elective Modules

Relaxation in Flow: Soma Prana Vinyasa and Moon Salutations

Experience a regenerative immersion into Soma Prana Vinyasa - a tantric yin approach to rejuvenation and meditation in motion. Soma is connected to the inner water, ojas (essence, vitality, and amrita), and the healing energy that can green a desert, and restore love. Includes practical tools for soma cultivation in Tantra, Ayurveda.

Global Ecstatic - Yoga Trance Dance & Tribal House Jam

Experience a universal tribal gathering into the roots of trance as a rhythmically induced state of natural flow that is innate within all beings. The activation of free-form movement as one of the oldest ecstatic pathways of collective meditation. This dynamic and rejuvenating exploration accompanied by global tribal rhythms from the roots and contemporary pulse will release tension, generate energy and new neural pathways, entrain your breath, heart and brain wave rhythms to all the movers and shakers around the world.

Tending the Fire - Living in Rhythm to explore the Art of Teaching

Experience the integrated approach of Prana Vinyasa as a living and teaching flow to navigate the rhythms of body and mind. Through daily practices, workshop-style practicums and interactive presentations, you will learn and experience energetic, elemental sequences within Prana Vinyasa Flow as well as the Ayurvedic insight for awakened and illuminated living.

Apply online to our Lunar Arts program

Email teachertrainings@yogadventures.com

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