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As my Mastermind member, you have an opportunity come to my Spiritual Success Retreat absolutely FREE, if you pay the first 12 months of your monthly subscription in advance (Value 2,500).

This is an amazing 3 day LIVE event where you will experience unprecedented spiritual evolution.

Its during these live retreats that all the really powerful initiations take place. For example, initiation into your Higher Self. This is where you bring your higher self INTO your physical body so that you can communicate with it at any time.

My clients rave about this.

Just look what Camilla said after it

"I've just finished the Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live Retreat. I had no idea what to expect, no preconceptions of what I was going to gain from it, and I'm leaving not knowing exactly what I have gained, but knowing I've gained HUGE amounts. So much self learning and so many ideas about the future and where I want to go. I'm on a journey to learn more and I want to thank you all very very much."

Camilla Clayton

And for Sarah it actually changed her life

"I came to Lisa's workshop and I was very uncertain. So I questioned and registered a couple of days before the event. Everything began to fall into place.

So I turned up unsure and unprepared for the event. And I have found that these last 3 days have really changed my life.

And I'm leaving here with a lot of answers to questions I'd had for many years. I'm still on the path, I've still got some questions about how's this going to work, but I've met some wonderful people who are like-minded. If you've got any queries about this, and you want to transform your life, find the opportunity to BE here.

And I really stress that. Find the opportunity to be here, organise things, because this I recommend as a wonderful opportunity to transform you."

Sarah Waters

Michael was blown away too

I've just spent 3 days with Lisa Turner on Spiritual Practitioner Secrets and I'm pushed to say which was the best part of the 3 days because it was absolutely packed with brilliant content.

Practical, spiritual, esoteric, esoterically practical, spiritually practical! If you've never come across Lisa Turner before, you're in for a real treat.

And if you do know Lisa Turner, you're still in for a treat, because she's warm, extremely well-read, highly researched and extremely wise. It's been a brilliant 3 days - I highly recommend it.

Michael Trigg

And those are only few examples.

So why not join Spiritual Success Mastermind membership for just 97 today and experience all this too? This is by far the easiest and quickest way to personal transformation and spiritual awakening at this ridiculously low price.

Remember ... if you stay in the group and your membership fees cover the Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live Retreat ticket price, I really let come in FREE to this 3 day event. Rather than charge you 2,500 like everyone will pay.

So whats it going to be?

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Spiritual Success Mastermind PayPal Psycademy

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