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Life Foundation


A Two-Day Workshop On

Past Life Regression & Spiritual Science

What you are today is the sum total of your past, which not only includes your past from the present lifetime but also from all your previous lifetimes as well.The memories and impressions, of each and every moment your past, are stored in your subconscious mind which shapes your personality.



This workshop is designed to help you in the following ways:

Target Audience

This very intensive workshop on soul-journey and self-discovery is very useful for individuals:


There is no prerequisite for attending this Workshop.


This empowering and wisdom based workshop has three main aspects:

The workshop is arranged to answer many of your questions and the practical sessions are designed to bring about a transformation in your life. A wide range of audio-video multimedia presentations on related topics would also be presented during this training program to give you the best possible information and enrich you overall experience.


The Workshop Includes The Following Topics:Essentials of spiritual science: astral travel, third eye, kundalini energy, aura, e.s.p., intuition, akashic records, thought power, spirit guides, master's wisdom, over-self contact, meditation, past-lives, future lives, self-healing, dream mastery etc.

Apart from the above sessions, there are other practical sessions on various extra-sensory-perceptions (ESPs) like telepathy, psycho-kinesis, astral-travel, aura reading etc. that will help you understand your true multidimensional nature.

Workshop Schedule

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LIFE RESEARCH ACADEMY - Past-Life-Regression & Spiritual ...

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