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In a powerful upcoming workshop, Keith Leon S. will share his vast knowledge on both angels and book publishing. At "Walking with Your Angels LIVE," attendees will learn how to directly access their own angels and inner guidance systems. This exciting event provides tools, tips and insights into how to communicate with angels and guides, supporting everyday life. At "How to Write and Market Your Own Bestselling Book," Leon S. helps writers create a solid plan for their book, mission and message with powerful tools and strategies.

Discover That There Are Earthbound Angels Among Us

Get Tools to Communicate With Your Own Angels and Guides

Learn How to Open Your Heart and Create Miracles in Your Life

Read About the Author's Unconventional Path to Living His Purpose

Receive Insights to Reveal Your Life's Path and Purpose

What: Walking with Angels Workshop & Book Signing

When: January 9, 2020

Tim: 6pm-8pm

Center of Spiritual Living

4849 N Dixie Hwy, Oakland Park, Fl 33334

tickets at door

Bestselling Author/"Book Guy" Helps You Gain Direct Access to Your Inner Guidance System and Write, Promote and Market Your Book through His Latest Book Release and Workshops During His National Event Tour

Do angels really exist? Bestselling author Keith Leon S. says they do-and he wants to share how and why they can help you fulfill your purpose. We live in a turbulent world, with fear and despair as major forces driving our current culture. Walking with My Angels is timely in its message of good news: we truly can find peace within. By connecting with our own inner guidance (our guardian angels), we can overcome challenges, find authentic happiness, and establish the path toward personal fulfillment.

A challenging upbringing rife with poverty, bullying and poor grades is a tough scenario for anyone to overcome. Add to that an early adulthood impacted by substance abuse and difficult life lessons including several near-death experiences, and you've got what most may view as a life destined for failure. Not so, however, for Leon S., who lived this exact life yet managed to turn it around with the help of his angels.

Angels led Leon S. to the path toward his purpose: to share his story with the world and help others access their own inner guidance systems. In fact, thirty years ago Leon S. received a message from his angels that he would write a book that would change lives. Little did he know at the time how true this message would become. Connected to his angels from an early age, Leon S. learned how to harness and accept the messages he received from his angels to make his life better. It wasn't easy, as oftentimes this "gift" felt like more of a curse and sent him into bouts of uncertainty. But, eventually, encounters with an earthbound angel presented him with a choice: to live or die.

His choice to live led him through an array of odd jobs, complicated relationship decisions and a journey through studying some of the great self-help influencers of our time. His introduction to the Law of Attraction aided him in not only finding his perfect mate, but in looking inward to make some big, but necessary, life changes. He discovered that as a "difference maker, "he would utilize his talents to create successful businesses in the field of publishing and, with his wife, would become a coach for seminar training companies. Much of his success is credited to a format for reaching out to people of influence called "right asking, "given to him by his angel. He now teaches authors and entrepreneurs how to write and market their own books. The angels had shown him another part of his life's purpose.

Leon S. is on a mission to bring joy and hope into the lives of everyone he meets, and everyone who reads this book. His books and live events will bring people together, and provide tools to get access to the answers that lie within.

Keith Leon S. has been writing books, speaking, publishing other people's books, and making a difference in the lives of others for over 15 years. His publishing company is well-established and trusted in the industry. Keith has done short tours and spoken all over the world. Now he plans to go out on the road for a full year. The author says, "I cannot tell you how excited I am! I may run into challenges and hurdles I know nothing about (being on the road for a year), and I am ready to meet those hurdles and get through them."

A multiple bestselling author, well-known speaker and talented musician, Leon S. has spoken at events that included Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsh, Barbara DeAngelis, John Gray, Michael Beckwith, and Marianne Williamson. He's made music with Stevie Wonder, Ben Vereen, Nancy Wilson, Keb Mo, and Carl Anderson. Keith has been led by angels since his early childhood, and now he shares his message with those who are ready and willing to hear it.

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Keith Leon is a multiple best-selling author, a book publisher and speaker who's well known as The Book Guy. His life purpose book called, Walking With My Angels: A True Story, with a foreword by Chicken soup for the Soul's Jack Canfield has just been released. Keith has appeared on numerous popular radio and television broadcasts and his works has been covered by Inc. Magazine, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, Published Magazine and Succeed Magazine just to name a few. He has spoken at events that included Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Joel Bauer, Barbara De Angelis, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Michael Beckwith and Marianne Williamson. He's also a member of the Evolutionary Business Council. Keith's passion is teaching people how to go from first thought to best seller, and to create what he calls, the world's greatest business card....and he also loves introducing people to their inner guidance system whom he calls heavenly helpers! Welcome to the show Keith Leon S.

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