That’s why i smile..[4 yrs of breeze] – Video

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That #39;s why i smile..[4 yrs of breeze]
Sorry for uploading again!:L Well this winter i have had breeze for 4 yrs:) My old man hehehe:DI officially owned him in January i think but i started looking after him for my cousins on like a trial before Christmas. Its kinda hard to remember since its been 4yrs aha:) Well Breeze has been amazing, my partner in crime;) You have to love him, he suits me down to the bone and even though he #39;s a little odd/unique he #39;s everything i could ever want him to be:) He #39;s scared some people can be a lot to handle but once you know how to he #39;s the best ride:) 4yrs ago i got him, he hadn #39;t been ridden in months had been for sale for ages..saying he was #39;fresh #39; was an understatement..Only one person came to view him and he bucked her off pretty quickly:L He bucked me off the second time i rode him aha:L After a few months we soon got used to each other but he did scare me, after a year of so he was put into full retirement because his back was really bad [thats when we brought Ru:) ] Almost a year ago now i decided to bring him out of retirement, and i haven #39;t regretted that decision:) I love him so much, he #39;s the best ride i know!:D Anyways sorry the videos short and rubbish but i decided to show all our good moments:) My boys 24yrs old now.. although he still acts like a 5yr old aha:PI only have one picture of him before he was retired which is the first one but all the other clips are of after he was brought into work:)From:jessrubybreezeViews:3 0ratingsTime:00:36More inPeople Blogs

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That's why i smile..[4 yrs of breeze] - Video

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