Retirement Management Analyst (RMA(SM)) Designation Expands Into Level 1 Curriculum and Level 2 Curriculum

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BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire -02/13/12)- The Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) expands the curriculum for the Retirement Management Analyst (RMA(SM)) designation, an advanced science-based education program in retirement income planning and management. Previously offering Core and Advanced topics in one curriculum, the development of RMA(SM) training responds rapidly to industry demand to better educate financial services professionals -- from financial advisors to skilled call center personnel -- to serve pre-retirees and retirees.

"The big news is -- as the content of RMA(SM) curriculum grows through subsequent editions of the text book and resources -- the formalized distinction between Core and Advanced topics moved to its next step of planned evolution," explains Francois Gadenne, Executive Director and Chairman of RIIA. "In the 4th Edition of the RMA(SM) Curriculum available during our Spring Conference (March 19/20 in Chicago),the program of study Core vs. Advanced differentiation matured into Level 1 Curriculum and Level 2 Curriculum."

Level 1 Curriculum trains staff professionals on core retirement income topics, enabling them to speak more knowledgeably to clients entering into, or managing, this critical stage of retired life. Call center representatives, agency staffs, defined contribution phone representatives and others interacting daily with clients greatly benefit from this training.

Level 2 Curriculum takes the training to the next level, equipping financial services professionals who manage their own practices such as wealth management teams, independent financial advisors, insurance agents, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and dually registered representatives with deeper understanding of more advanced topics that help them effectively serve clients with emerging retirement issues. The greatest benefits go to organizations training all client-facing associates, putting everyone on the same page and enabling them, as teams, to offer retiree clients services they need.

Launched in 2009 through requests from RIIA members and in response to demand from financial advisors and consumers, the RMA(SM) designation is the only scientifically-based, rigorous retirement planning education and certification serving the financial services industry including defined contribution and retail distribution organizations, financial advisors, broker dealers, banks and insurance companies. Individuals earning the RMA(SM) designation are uniquely prepared to deliver retirement income solutions and services to clients who want a secure income stream and ongoing professional management throughout their retirement years. To help RMA(SM) candidates prepare for the exam, RIIA partnered with software providers and leading universities.

"Continual RMA(SM) program enhancements including annual curriculum updates are the result of RIIA members asking for more precise, disciplined, scientific-based instruction to support financial advisors, call center personnel, and other professional practitioners to better serve the millions of Baby Boomers in retirement," comments Stephen Mitchell, Director of Advisor Education for RIIA.

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Founded in 2006 by leading financial companies, advisors, associations and academics, the Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA) provides a rigorous, research-driven, household-focused foundation for developing retirement solutions to serve retirees today and into the future. A non-profit organization, RIIA achieves its mission through a unique View Across the Silos allowing members to see change and disruption before others while achieving competitive advantage through RIIA-provided space, discussions, advanced education, market insight, research, comprehensive data, standards and thought leadership for successful retirement income management. RIIA members span the entire industry and include banks, insurers, mutual fund companies, brokerage houses, financial advisors and distributors, plan sponsors, researchers, technology companies, marketing firms, academics, and industry media.

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Retirement Management Analyst (RMA(SM)) Designation Expands Into Level 1 Curriculum and Level 2 Curriculum

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