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Posted: December 16, 2020 at 12:56 am

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One of the most important investing decisions you'll need to make is exactly where to put your money. Index funds are a great option for retirement because they're a relatively safe choice that can limit your risk.

But can you retire a millionaire by investing in index funds? It's possible, if you have a strategy in place.

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Index funds are large collections of stocks that track a particular stock market index, such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Like any investment, there are pros and cons for index funds:



Despite the downsides, index funds can be a great investment when saving for retirement. And if you start saving early enough, you may be able to retire a millionaire.

Because index funds offer slow but steady growth, you'll ideally need to invest for several decades to accumulate $1 million. But if you save consistently, index funds can be a reliable way to build a healthy retirement fund.

Say, for example, you have 30 years before you retire and you want to save $1 million. The S&P 500 has experienced an average annual return of around 10% since its inception, and if your index funds also earn a 10% annual return, you'd need to save just over $500 per month over 30 years to reach the million-dollar mark.

Exactly how much you'd need to save each month will depend on your age, the amount you currently have saved, as well as how many years before you retire. For instance, if you only have 20 years left to save but are still earning a 10% annual return, you'd have to save a whopping $1,500 per month to reach $1 million. So the more time you have to save, the easier it will be to achieve your goal.

Investing in index funds requires patience, because it will take years or even decades to see substantial growth. But because of their diversification and ability to recover from market crashes, they are one of the safest investment options, which can be perfect for investors looking to limit their risk.

Keep in mind, too, that no matter where you choose to invest your money, it's wise to take a long-term investing approach. So even if you invest in individual stocks rather than index funds, you should still aim to buy solid stocks and keep your money invested for as long as possible.

Your goal when investing in the stock market shouldn't be to get rich quickly. So be prepared to stay invested for the long haul no matter where you put your money. If you choose to invest in index funds, starting early and saving consistently can help you retire a millionaire.

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Can You Retire a Millionaire With Index Funds? - The Motley Fool

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