Brandon Roy: Blazing To Retirement – Career Tribute (2011) – Video

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23-12-2011 12:16 [READ DESCRIPTION] Hey guys, after a month and a couple of days of a mixing break, I'm back. Sorry that this has taken awhile but this is due to me playing JV Basketball and heavily focusing on my school work. The NBA Season is back on Christmas Day, but that doesn't mean mixes will be come faster. I'll still be very busy with school and were poised so far to make the playoffs, starting 7-0. We're undefeated. So it may be until another month or so till I upload another video. Sorry to my fans out there. Now about the mix. This is a video I made in weeks time, after learning about Brandon Roy's retirement. He's also been in my top 10 favorite NBA Players, despite be not being a Blazers fan. Roy, when healthy, was probably the 3rd best SG in the NBA only behind Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant. After these degenerative knees, it looks like Roy won't be recovering and will retire. This is a sad, sad thing for the Trailblazers, Roy and the city of Portland, and the state of Oregon actually, as well. I won't lie though, I've been playing 2K11 only because Brandon Roy is in that game. Thanks to the roster updates, Roy has been kicked out of NBA 2K12. What a shame for Portland fans that play the game. Tags: windmills, posters, alley oops Carmelo Anthony, Tracy Mcgrady, Shaq, Kobe Bryant , Andre Iguodala, Brandon Roy, Dwyane Wade, Josh Smith, JR Smith, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Mike Taylor, MJ, Trevor Ariza, Rudy Gay, Kevin Durant, top 10) AND1,Hot sauce,Lebron james,la lakers ...

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Brandon Roy: Blazing To Retirement - Career Tribute (2011) - Video

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