Baby Boomers Plan Their Retirement Careers

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Retirement for the baby boomers is likely to be far different
from what their parents experienced
[1]. Work
will probably be an integral part of everyday life, both to
meet financial requirements and to keep busy during an
increasing lifespan. Workers approaching retirement should plan
now for their pending retirement career.

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Launch a Second Career in Retirement

Most baby boomers (72 percent) say they plan to keep
[3] in some
capacity after retirement, according to a 2010 Del Webb survey.
The top reason for working in retirement is to ward off boredom
and keep busy, while financial necessity came in second. Other
reasons for delaying retirement include self-satisfaction and
enjoying the job. Some employees are planning to continue
working well into the traditional retirement years. A recent
Wells Fargo survey found that 25 percent of middle class
Americans say they will need to work until at least 80 to live
comfortably in retirement.

If seniors will need to work during
their retirement years
[4], the nature
of the job becomes increasingly important. During our first
career we discovered what we are good at, what we like to do,
and what we dread doing every day. This knowledge can help us
prepare for our second act. Here's how to select a satisfying
retirement career:

Aim for a job you enjoy. In a down economy you
may be forced to take any available job. But if you are lucky
enough to be able to consider a job you might actually enjoy,
decide what it would look like. What could you do each day that
would make you eager to get out of bed each morning, with great
expectations of exciting things to be? It is far better to
start the day with an optimistic smile versus an anxious

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Avoid toxic situations. Decide what you would
find personally satisfying in a second career and also the
tasks you would dread doing. A typical job includes a mix of
each, but ideally you want to tip the scale toward what you

Test drive your dream job. When you were
younger, what did you dream of becoming? Although a ballerina
or an astronaut might not be realistic now, think back on what
it was you always wanted to do. If a certain career field still
intrigues you, try to explore opportunities for a retirement
career trying it out.

Play to your strengths. After several decades
in the workforce, you probably already know whether you prefer
flexibility or routine, independence or supervision, creativity
or clearly defined activity, and risk or assurance. Look for a
second career that has the characteristics you find most
important in a satisfying job.

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Try something new. Try to incorporate
something you feel passionate about into your retirement job.
Take steps to impact the direction of your retirement career,
rather than just letting it happen.

Dave Bernard is not yet retired but has
begun his due diligence to plan for a satisfying retirement.
With a focus on the non-financial aspects of retiring, he
shares his discoveries and insights on his blog
Retirement-Only the

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Baby Boomers Plan Their Retirement Careers

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