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Posted: June 2, 2021 at 1:57 am

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Clockwise from top left: It's not even a competition that these are best chips; the bridge to nowhere; Mark Bickley; the beautiful Flinders Ranges. Photo - Shutterstock.

Mr Rissole intimated the title could be a 'good tourism opportunity' for Port Pirie as many of the Facebook page followers have vowed to visit the town.

Although after visiting Port Pirie or even living here, you'll begin to realise how great this small tight-knit community is.

One of the greatest things about this place is that everything you need is less than a five-minute drive away - unless its peak hour or the Christmas season then its less than a seven-minute drive.

Seriously, we have one traffic light.

There are so many beautiful hikes in the Flinders where you can find yourself adventuring through for hours.

After spending a day in the wilderness you can fill your stomach up on the world-famous Happy Birds chips. This takeaway is unique to our town and no one else has chips quite like it.

Get yourself some of the best chips or a Port Pirie cheeseburger (yes, we're the only place that has a squash dog as a cheeseburger) and head on over the Bridge to 'no-where' and enjoy the tranquillity.

That's right, we have a bridge that leads to nothing of any importance, and its amazing.

Head over the bridge at night, park the car, put on some relaxing music and look up at the thousands of stars you can see.

Did you know AC/DC played in Pirie before they were huge?

There are so many individuals to be proud of in this town that when you see them you think, "hey, they're from Port Pirie."

Our very own Mark Bickley captained the Adelaide Crows to two consecutive premierships.

C'mon we can't be the s***test town if we're raising sporting icons like him.

We are proud to have raised Keith Michell, who won a primetime Emmy award for his role as King Henry VIII in the movie, Six Wives of Henry VIIII.

He's that good we even named our theatre after him.

Actor, John Noble who played Denethor in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, was born in Port Pirie so Mr Rissole wasn't completely wrong when he labelled us the 'Bogan Eye of Sauron'.

But overall, it's the friendly community who makes us proud to be from Port Pirie.

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Town full of pride, wonder and not at all sh*t - The Islander

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