This Burlington business is taking relaxation to a futuristic next level –

Posted: February 4, 2020 at 9:53 am

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Its an experience that won't leave you feeling blue.

Explaining Burlingtons new Into the Blu light and sound frequency therapy is very different from actually being in it. The goal is to help users let go of the day by placing them in a purpose-built chamber.

The Blu Room is an octagon-shaped, mirrored room that bathes those inside in a ultraviolet blue light while playing soft music and a gentle hum.

Lindy Anderson, one of the co-owners of Into the Blu, said what a person gets out of the room is very much about what they bring into it.

The key to the Blu Room behind us and each unique experience is what intention does each individual have for using this type of therapy. Sometimes the same person will have different experiences in two different sessions, said Lindy Anderson.

Before entering, users fill out a form stating how theyre feeling, explaining what intention they would like to bring into the room and breaking down what they can expect.

Once inside for the session, the almost spaceship-looking room glows with light and plays gentle humming and soft music.

Each persons experience in the room is different but some people have reported deep relaxation, greater self-awareness and improved well-being.

Kim Anderson, a co-owner, said what everyone will experience is unique and will allow them some distance from the stresses of a day.

They can expect to have a relaxing experience. They can have an opportunity to really step out of their day-to-day world and feel encompassed in the unit, which separates them from the stresses and day-to-day nonsense of the world, said Kim Anderson.

Stop by or check out their website for more information.

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This Burlington business is taking relaxation to a futuristic next level -

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