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Posted: December 31, 2019 at 10:52 am

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Happy New Year 2020: Make promises to yourself and stick by them.

Another promising 366 days lie ahead with New Year 2020 as we draw curtains to Year 2019. It is also time to make New Year resolutions to yourself and assess how you were able to keep up with the last year's promises. Did you kick the bad habit you had promised yourself? Did you manage to read the books that you had wanted to finish? Did you learn the language, or travelled where you wished to? And, did you hit the gym and got into your old jeans? Well, some promises are never meant to be broken, especially the ones you make to yourself. If you were not able to keep up with the New Year resolutions of last year because of some reasons, it's time you reflect why you missed those and add them to your New Year resolutions list this year. If you were able to keep up with the last year's resolves, pat yourself on the back and prepare another set of new year resolutions for 2020. It's a great feeling to make promises and live by them. Happy New Year!

While we all have our sets of resolutions depending on where we are and where we should be headed. Here are some common New Year resolutions that you can take a cue from and add to your list of resolutions for the coming year.

Practise yoga, meditation for inner balance: While we keep focusing on looking fit in the body, the crucial aspect of mental well-being often takes a back seat. This year, take the New Year resolution to focus your energies towards of mental well-being and being fit from inside. Right yoga and meditation tools would help you get necessary awareness about your body and you will feel more enthused and energized about life than ever before.

Keep plants, learn gardening: With rising global warming and contaminated foods that we get at homes, it's time to learn some basic gardening and grow your own herbs, lemons, chilies and fruits. Sure it would need some investment in terms of time and energy, but seeing the flower and fruit sprout would be a fruitful experience. It will be great for home and also for your health and well-being. Good for environment too!

Learn new musical instrument: Music connects you to your inner self and heals you from within. While listening to nice music can be alleviating, creating your own music piece would give you another high! So what are you waiting for, grab that guitar, piano, drum set, flute, sitar or harmonium, and make your own melody.

Learn new language: Language connects us but can also sometimes act as a barrier in the way we communicate our thoughts and emotions. It would be a good time to learn a local and global language as it will open up your understanding to a new world, culture and communication would no longer be a hindrance to understand another person. It will be a connecting chord worth investing in.

Travel to new places: Travelling to new places is a great learning experience. It opens up your eyes to new possibilities and also tests your survival skills in a new territory. You can go to a relaxing place, a historical sojourn or an adventurous journey, the experience would be absolutely worth it and add to your personality.

Read more books: Books are indeed one's best friends. It would be a good idea to unwind and pick up the books you had always wanted to read and add to your knowledge base. Hit the bookstore or download some e-books and get reading this new year.

Socialise and meet people, don't just text them: Caught up with texting and sending emojis, many of us have literally cut ourselves out from the "real world" and have forgotten to emote, express and reach out. In the coming year, make it a point to reach out, meet people in person and not just stick to online chats.

Learn to cook new dishes: Cooking is quite liberating and cooking the way you like your dish is very empowering feeling. Knowing what goes into your meal and then to your tummy can bring a great consciousness towards food and your personal well-being. Learn quick meals and stop dependence on your family or online orders to fill your belly, get into the kitchen and get inside that apron! You would come out very happy.

Set a goal and buy something you desire: That new dress, or a new phone, or long boots, or a vehicle, play station, home appliance, whatever it is that you have set your heart at; you must buy this year as it would give you a sense of achievement. Doing something for yourself always gives a kick and is sure a very satisfying felling. So build your goal and work towards achieving it.

All the best and a happy new year 2020!

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