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Sound massage therapy is done by creating different sound vibrations and frequencies to transfer them through the entire body. This is predominantly used to reduce stress and fatigue. Read on to know more about this massage therapy.

Sound healing has been used since more than 5000 years. In Germany, research on sound is constantly advancing and the benefits of sound massage therapy are also increasing. Sound massage therapy is done on a fully-clothed person by playing Himalayan singing bowls with felt mallet to create a soothing sound and gentle vibration. The bowls are strategically placed around the body to send a vibration through it and relax the body.

Sound massage therapy uses sound waves to produce gentle rhythmic pulsations. These pulsations are sent through the entire body which massage the cells to release the stored tension in the body. This massage therapy is highly beneficial for releasing our stress to make us relaxed and rejuvenated. So, here is everything you should know about sound massage right below.

Health Benefits of Sound Massage Therapy:

How does sound work for the therapy?

As it is already mentioned that in this therapy, sound waves are used to create vibrations or rhythmic pulsations. These vibrations are sent through the body to release trapped tension in our body. Along with this, the frequencies created by the sound are good for having a calm effect on the body and a meditative state in the brain. And when the brain reaches the meditative state, we can rejuvenate ourselves and find peace of mind. The bowls used for the massage therapy are in different metals, size and weight to create different vibrations and frequencies. Sound massage therapy is good for people of all ages including children and pregnant women. But you should also consult your doctor before opting for the massage therapy.

Sound Massage Therapy Health Benefits:

1- Soothing and relaxing music or chanting relaxes our mind and body and loosens muscles so that we can have a sound sleep. So, sound massage therapy is also good for having a deep sleep.

2- This sound massage is also highly beneficial for preventing fatigue. And due to prolonged stress and fatigue, cognitive functions in our brain are also decreased. So, sound therapy helps to ward off stress and fatigue.

3- We perceive the sound through our sense or nervous system. So, these senses can block the slower moving pain signals so that we cannot sense them. Infact, studies have also confirmed that sound therapy helps to reduce pain.

4- When we are highly stressed out, our hormones also get imbalanced. So, predominantly due to the reduction of stress and fatigue, endocrine hormone levels are corrected in this massage therapy.

5- When the stress is reduced, hormones are balanced, body and mind are relaxed, eventually we can combat depression or anxiety. So, sound massage therapy is highly recommended for people with depression as well.

6- Sound massage therapies can restore cellular activities by improving the functions of membrane walls and biologic activities.

7- The specific sound waves created in this therapy can stimulate DNAs to repair itself.

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From relaxing the mind to preventing fatigue: Health benefits of sound massage therapy you should know - PINKVILLA

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