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Posted: October 4, 2020 at 7:54 pm

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Music is many things to many people.

I have known that for many years, but this week it seemed to be emphasized by a couple of things on TV.

One was background music, which I thought was so loud it drowned out the dialogue and rather annoyed me.

The other was a realization that just before a dramatic scene the music seemed to intensify as though to say "pay attention; something important or dramatic is going to happen." Again, I have known that for eons, but it hit me the other night when I was only half-watching TV and the music got louder and I had to pay attention or miss the important part of the shown.

I recently attended a funeral in which a soloist sang two songs, "One Day at a Time" and "Love Lifted Me." She did a beautiful job and I thought it really spoke volumes about the person to whom we were paying tribute.

At church, we have been blessed to have both a praise team, which sings beautiful music (including my favorite which says "God Knows Your Name"), and a praise band, which definitely adds to the worship experience. There is something about people making beautiful music together which speaks to my soul, uplifting my spirit, reminding me how important music is in so many ways.

It seems music has always been important to me. I have loved country music foragesand still do. I think it speaks to the mind and spirit with its honesty in the messages itportrays. Whether it's a sad song or a party song, some of my favorites always remind me of thingsthatwere important to me. I love some of Randy Travis' songs and, of course, George Jones and Merle Haggard.

For party music I'd put Alabama and Garth Brooks up against anyother artistsfor getting the crowd to really celebrate life and have fun. They really put people in a happy mood, ready to let off steam. Of course, Garth Brooks also has some songs like "The River," "The Dance" and "Unanswered Prayers," which I think have the best messages about life and love that anyone could imagine. They truly speak to me about things that make a difference in how we live.

Somehow I never liked classical music until my granddaughter played violin, and now I think some of it is beautiful especially if she is playing it. But, it's still not my favorite for reasons unknown to me.

Rock and roll was music I grew up listening to;I still enjoy it, although mostly now I hear it as background music, not really party music.

Holiday songs are geared to get people into theseasonalspirit and it usually works, no matter if it is a novelty song or a religious song. They all speak to the celebrationsthemselves,from Thanksgiving to Easter and even the Fourth of July.

"Silver Bells" will always be my favorite Christmascarolbecause it was sung by my mom for so many years as she rocked the kids to sleep, singing it over and over. Hearingittoday seems to say my mom is nearby.

Like movies, it's hard to choose favorite songs if asked because, depending on the mood, one or another would be my favorite.

I have to admit, though, I still love Bill Luther's song, "Who You'd Be Today," because it makes me remember and to wonder what life would have been like. It's still a powerful song that speaks volumes about how people feel sometimes.

Those who are music therapists tell us how important music is to those who are ill and howitcan soothe their soul and lift their spirits and even get them to sing sometimes.

It is a gift, I think, to be able to sing beautifully or play beautifully and to perform the songs that talented songwriters have given us to enjoy to use in praise, to dance to, to sing to, or just have when a relaxing day is needed.

Somehow songs that are so meaningful do just that.

The song "Sanctuary" will always remind me of a beautiful moment during an anniversary celebration when a young boy led the congregation in an impromptu singing of the favorite chorus which truly does speak to our soul.

Each person has his or her favorite song and I hope each one enjoys the songs as much as i enjoy my favorites and that they still enjoy them when some of them are used in commercials instead ofonthe dance floor.

I also hope that asLee Ann Womack's songsays, that given the opportunity, "I hope you dance."

And if you don't like to dance, I hope you at least enjoy the lyrics and the tunes which make your day go just as little bit brighter, your soul feel a little bit lighter, your life a whole lot better.

That's what music is really intended for, I think not just to warn you a dramatic part is coming on a TV show.

Jean Shanley is retired from The Meadville Tribune where she was society and communities editor.

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COLUMN: Music is so much more than background noise on TV - Meadville Tribune

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