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Posted: October 4, 2020 at 7:54 pm

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From working from home to homeschooling this year has been tough. Before you go reaching for your cellphone to make a booking at some or another spa to relax and unwind, allow us to give you some helpful advice on how to unwind in the comfort of your home. Spas, although relaxing, can be costly. Why not get a good book, light some scented candles and run your bathwater while we school you on convenient ways to relax at home.

With the kids back at school for two to three days a week, its the perfect time to reset and strike a balance. Set the tone for your day by starting it off with a warm bath or shower, sing if you must, but setting the tone for your day goes a long way in restoring balance, be it mentally, emotionally or otherwise. Use a body wash that is infused with floral beauty oils and fine fragrances such as fig extracts, magnolia and coconut to restore lost moisture while leaving your skin deliciously fragranced long after your morning shower routine.

You read that right, sister friend! Taking time off from your busy schedule to reconnect with you is vital in the art of relaxation. Conveniently, unleashing your inner goddess can be done in the comfort of your home with chocolate ice-cream, a hot bath, relaxing music and a great aromatherapy body wash. Body washes infused with honeysuckle helps with inflammation while neroli oil helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, age spots and scars. A fine fragrance collection from a reputable skincare and beauty brand will have you looking and smelling every bit the goddess that you are!

Taking some time to yourself after a long day is not only good for you mentally, it can be great for your skin too. Dull and dry looking skin be as a result of not resting enough. Sleep doesnt necessarily equate to rest, you can rest while relaxing peacefully in the shower as the water provides a gentle but much-needed massage. Pair that with an aromatherapy body wash infused with essential oils and exotic fragrances and youve got yourself one of the most convenient ways to relax at home yet.

One of our five senses is the sense of smell. Fragrances have the ability to influence how we feel or bring to a mind a memory of a person or a place. Starting and ending your day with one or two of your favourite fragrances can be relaxing and good for the health of your skin, if your preferred beauty skincare products cater to the needs of your skin. Relaxing in the comfort of your home as we fully adjust to the new normal shouldnt have to break the bank. Investing in a beauty skincare brand that invests in you, by providing great products, is essential in maintaining your peace of mind, radiant glow and beautifully soft skin. Now that weve briefed you on convenient ways to relax at home, allow us to leave you with some beauty tips that will not only complete your beauty routine, but will save you time in the process. This article was supplied by NP Digital.


Aromatherapy & Essential Oils-New And Convenient Ways To Relax At Home - Highway Mail

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