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Posted: February 26, 2020 at 8:41 am

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If youve been thinking of investing in an Echo smart speaker then now is a good time to go shopping. These popular devices from Amazon have just been cut in price with the entire range now costing a lot less than before. For example, you can currently pick up an Echo Dot for 44.99 - saving 5 - or a standard Echo for 79.99 - saving 10.

Along with these devices getting a reduction, theres also price cuts on the all-screen Echo Show. This means you can buy a Show 5 for 74.99 - saving 5 or a Show 8 for 109.99 - saving 10.


These are all good discounts and are certainly worth considering if you were thinking of buying an Echo.

However, there is one more deal that offers the chance to pick up an Echo for free.

Virgin Media is currently running a promotion which includes one of these smart speakers when you sign up to a new broadband bundle.

Virgin says that it is offering this smart speaker on the Big Bundle, Bigger Bundle and Bigger Bundle+ Movies.

If you opt for the Big Bundle or Bigger Bundle youll get a free Echo Dot whilst those opting for the Bigger Bundle+ Movies will be treated to a free Echo Show 8.

Prices for Virgins plans start from 33 per month and include TV and broadband.


Along with these price cuts and deals, theres more good news for Echo owners in the UK.

First launched in the US, the Whisper Mode is now available on multiple devices in the UK and means that Alexa wont respond quite so loudly when you ask it a question.

The clever update basically allows you to whisper to Alexa with her then responding at a similar low volume level.

The concept is aimed at not disturbing other people in the house when you need something answering late at night or early in the morning.

If you also want to do a series of things with one whispered command, you can set up a routine that is triggered by a whisper. For example, you can set an alarm, turn off lights and play relaxing music simply by saying, Alexa, good night. You can easily create a range of customisable routines using the Alexa app.

Heres how to set up Whisper mode on Alexa: Open the Alexa app > Go to Settings > Next, click Voice Responses > Then activate Whispered Responses.

This mode should work on most of your smart speakers including the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and new Echo Studio.

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Amazon Echo prices drop, but theres a new way to get one for free - Express

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