Well-known travel writer and ex-Sony marketer arrested for indecent assault – South China Morning Post

Posted: August 1, 2017 at 1:42 am

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A well-known travel writer and prominent former marketer for Sony video game products was arrested after a man accused him of indecent assault during a job interview.

James Hong Ming-sang, 47, former director of Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, allegedly touched the 22-year-old male interviewees private parts in a North Point office on July 25.

The Sichuan-born author of more than 20 titles was also said to have kissed the victim without his consent.

The student made a police report at North Point Police Station the next day.

Hong was arrested on Monday. He was later released and must report back later this month. An Eastern District investigation team is on the case.

Hong was known to the Hong Kong public for his promotion of the PlayStation video game console. He quit Sony in 2013.

Hong has hosted TV and radio travel programmes and has been writing travel columns. He is also known for his personal success story.

Hong started out as a 16-year-old newcomer to Hong Kong from Sichuan province with just HK$2 in his pocket.

He entered Form Four at a private school but had a difficult time adjusting since he knew very little English and Cantonese. He put in extra effort to catch up and eventually graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a psychology and philosophy degree.

Hongs Japanese language ability helped earn him a position at Sony Computer Entertainment in 1998. Over 13 years, he worked his way up from marketing officer to general manager of the marketing division and was regarded as having played a significant part in the local success of the PlayStation.

In 2011, he became the companys first Chinese director.

He published his first travel book in 2010, raising HK$500,000 for charity.

Hongs last public appearance was on July 24 at the annual Hong Kong Book Fair, where he promoted two newly published books.

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Well-known travel writer and ex-Sony marketer arrested for indecent assault - South China Morning Post

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