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Here is List of The Top 200 Secrets of Success and the Pillars of Self-Mastery suggested by Robin S. Sharma who is The Author of the best seller

The Complete Set of Secrets of Success.

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All the secrets are here....

1. Sleep less. This is one of the best investments you can make to make your life moreproductive and rewarding. Most people do not need more than 6 hours to maintain anexcellent state of health. Try getting up one hour earlier for 21 days and it will developinto a powerful habit. Remember, it is the quality not the quantity of sleep that isimportant. And just imagine having an extra 30 hours a month to spend on the things thatare important to you.

2. Set aside one hour every morning for personal development matters. Meditate, visualizeyour day, read inspirational texts to set the tone of your day, listen to motivational tapesor read great literature. Take this quiet period to vitalize and energize your spirit for theproductive day ahead. Watch the sun rise once a week or be with nature. Starting the dayoff well is a powerful strategy for self-renewal and personal effectiveness.

3. Do not allow those things that matter the most in your life be at the mercy of activitiesthat matter the least. Every day, take the time to ask yourself the question "is this the bestuse of my time and energy?" Time management is life management so guard your timewith great care.

4. Use the rubber band method to condition your mind to focus solely on the most positiveelements in your life. Place a rubber band around your wrist. Each time a negative,energy sapping thought enters your mind, snap the rubber band. Through the power ofconditioning, your mind will associate pain with negative thinking and you will soonpossess a strongly positive mindset.

5. Always answer the phone with enthusiasm in your voice and show your appreciation forthe caller. Good phone manners are essential. To convey authority on the line, stand up.This will instill further confidence in your voice.

6. Throughout the day we all get inspiration and excellent ideas. Keep a set of cards (thesize of business cards; available at most stationary stores) in your wallet along with apencil to jot down these insights. When you get home, put the ideas in a central placesuch as a coil notepad and review them from time to time. As noted by Oliver WendellHolmes: "Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its originaldimensions."

7. Set aside every Sunday evening for yourself and be strongly disciplined with this habit.Use this period to plan your week, visualize your encounters and what you want toachieve, to read new materials and inspirational books, to listen to soft soothing musicand to simply relax. This habit will serve as your anchor to keep you focused, motivatedand effective throughout the coming week.

8. Always remember the key principle that the quality of your life is the quality of yourcommunication. This means the way you communicate with others and, moreimportantly, the way you communicate with yourself. What you focus on is what you get.If you look for the positive this is what you get. This is a fundamental law of Nature.

9. Stay on purpose, not on outcome. In other words, do the task because it is what you loveto do or because it will help someone or is a valuable exercise. Don't do it for the moneyor the recognition. Those will come naturally. This is the way of the world.

10. Laugh for five minutes in the mirror each morning. Steve Martin does. Laughter activatesmany beneficial chemicals within the body that place us into a very joyous state.Laughter also returns the body to a state of balance. Laughter therapy has been regularlyused to heal persons with varied ailments and is a wonderful tonic for life's ills. While theaverage 4 year old laughs 500 times a day, the average adult is lucky to laugh 15 times aday. Revitalize the habit of laughter, it will put far more living into your life.

11. Light a candle beside you when you are reading in the evening. It is most relaxing andcreates a wonderful, soothing atmosphere. Make your home an oasis from the frenziedworld outside. Fill it with great music, great books and great friends.

12. To enhance your concentration and powers of focus, count your steps when you walk.This is a particularly strong technique. Take six steps while taking a long inhale, holdyour breath for another six steps, and then exhale for six steps. If six steps is too long forthe breaths, do whatever you feel comfortable with. You will feel very alert, refreshed,internally quiet and centered after this exercise. So many people allow their minds to befilled with mental chatter. All peak performers appreciate the power of a quiet, clear mindwhich will concentrate steadily on all important tasks.

13. Learn to meditate effectively. The mind is naturally a very noisy machine which wants tomove from one subject to another like an unchained monkey. One must learn to restrainand discipline it if one is to achieve anything of substance and to be peaceful. Meditationfor twenty minutes in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening will certainlyprovide you with exceptional results if regularly practiced for six months. Learned sagesof the East have been advancing the many benefits of meditation for over 5000 years.

14. Learn to be still. The average person doesn't spend even 30 minutes a month in totalsilence and tranquility. Develop the skill of sitting quietly, enjoying the powerful silencefor at least ten minutes a day. Simply think about what is important to you in your life.Reflect on your mission. Silence indeed is golden. As the Zen master once said, it is thespace between the bars that holds the cage.

15. Enhance your will-power; it is likely one of the best training programs you can invest in.Here are some ideas to strengthen your will and become a stronger person:

a. Do not let your mind float like a piece of paper in the wind. Work hard to keep itfocused at all times. When doing a task, think of nothing else. When walking towork, count the steps that it takes to get all the way to the office. This is not easybut your mind will soon understand that you hold its reins and not vice versa.Your mind must eventually become as still as a candle flame in a corner wherethere is no draft.

b. Your will is like a muscle. You must first exercise it and then push before it getsstronger. This necessarily involves short term pain but be assured that theimprovements will come and will touch your character in a most positive way.When you are hungry, wait another hour before your meal. When you arelabouring over a difficult task and your mind is prompting you to pick up thelatest magazine for a break or to get up and go talk to a friend, curb the impulse.Soon you will be able to sit for hours in a precisely concentrated state. Sir IssacNewton, one of the greatest classical physicists the world has produced, once said:"if I have done the public any service, it is due to patient thought." Newton had aremarkable ability to sit quietly and think without interruption for very longperiods of time. If he can develop this so can you.

c. You can also build your will-power by restraint in your conduct with others.Speak less (use the 60/40 Rule = listen 60% of the time and speak a mere 40%, ifthat). This will not only make you more popular but you will learn much wisdomas everyone we meet, every day has something to teach us. Also restrain the urgeto gossip or to condemn someone who you feel has made a mistake. Stopcomplaining and develop a cheerful, vital and strong personality. You will greatlyinfluence others.

d. When a negative thought comes to your mind, immediately replace it with onethat is positive. Positive always dominates over the negative and your mind has tobe conditioned to think only the best thoughts. Negative thinking is a conditionedprocess whereby the negative patterns are established over and over. Rid yourselfof any limitations and become a powerful positive thinker.

16. Make an effort to be humorous throughout the day. Not only is it beneficial from aphysical viewpoint but it diffuses tension in difficult circumstances and creates anexcellent atmosphere wherever you are. It was recently reported that members of theTauripan tribe of South America have a ritual where they awake in the middle of thenight to tell each other jokes. Even tribesmen in the deepest sleep wake to enjoy the laughand then return to their state of slumber in seconds.

17. Become a highly disciplined time manager. There are roughly 168 hours in a week. Thissurely allows plenty of time for achievement of the many goals we desire to accomplish.Be ruthless with your time. Set aside a few minutes each morning to plan your day. Planaround your priorities and focus on not only those tasks which are immediate but notimportant (i.e., many telephone calls) but especially on those which are important but noturgent, for these allow for the greatest personal and professional development. Importantbut not immediate activities are those which produce long-term, sustainable benefits andinclude exercise, strategic planning, the development of relationships and professionaleducation. Never let the things which matter most be placed in the backseat as comparedto those that matter least.

18. Associate only with positive, focused people who you can learn from and who will notdrain your valuable energy with complaining and uninspiring attitudes. By developingrelationships with those committed to constant improvement and the pursuit of the bestthat life has to offer, you will have plenty of company on your path to the top of whatevermountain you seek to climb.

19. Stephen Hawking, one of the great modern physicists of the world, is reported to havesaid that we are on a minor planet of a very average star located within the outer limits ofone of a hundred thousand million galaxies. Are your problems really significant in lightof this? You walk this Earth for but a short time. Why not become devoted to having onlya wonderful experience. Why not dedicate yourself to leaving a powerful legacy to theworld? Sit down now and write out a list of all that you have in your life. Start first withyour health or your family - the things we often take for granted. Put down the countrywe live in and the food we eat. Do not stop until you have written down fifty items. Onceevery few days, go through this list - you will be uplifted and recognize the richness ofyour existence.

20. You must have a mission statement in life. This is simply a set of guiding principleswhich clearly state where you are going and where you want to be at the end of your life.A mission statement embodies your values. It is your personal lighthouse keeping yousteadily on the course of your dreams. Over a period of one month, set a few hours asideto write down five or ten principles which will govern your life and which will keep youfocused at all times. Examples might be to consistently serve others, to be a consideratecitizen, to become highly wealthy or to serve as a powerful leader. Whatever the missionstatement of your life, refine it and review it regularly. Then when something adversehappens or someone tries to pull you off course, you quickly and precisely return to yourchosen path with the full knowledge that you are moving in the direction that you haveselected.

21. No one can insult or hurt you without your permission. One of the golden keys tohappiness and great success is the way you interpret events which unfold before you.Highly successful people are master interpreters. People who have attained greatnesshave an ability which they have developed to interpret negative or disempowering eventsas positive challenges which will assist them in growing and moving even farther up theladder of success. There are no negative experiences only experiences which aid in yourdevelopment and toughen your character so that you may soar to new heights. There areno failures, only lessons.

22. Take a speed reading course. Reading is a powerful way to gain many years ofexperience from a few hours of study. For example, most biographies reflect thestrategies and philosophies of great leaders or courageous individuals. Read them andmodel them. Speed reading will allow you to digest large quantities of material inrelatively small periods of time.

23. Remember people's names and treat everyone well. This habit, along with enthusiasm, isone of the great success secrets. Everyone in this world wears an imaginary button thatscreams out "I WANT TO FEEL IMPORTANT AND APPRECIATED!".

24. Be soft as a flower when it comes to kindness but tough as thunder when it comes toprinciple. Be courteous and polite at all times but never be pushed around. Ensure thatyou are always treated with respect.

25. Never discuss your health, wealth and other personal matters with anyone outside of yourimmediate family. Be very disciplined in this regard.

26. Be truthful, patient, persevering, modest and generous.

27. Soak in a warm bath at the end of a long, productive day. Reward yourself for even thesmallest of achievement. Take time out for renewal of your mind, body and spirit. Soonall your more important goals will be met and you will move to the next level of peakperformance.

28. Learn the power of breathing and its relationship with your energy source. The mind isintimately connected with your breathing. For example, when the mind is agitated, yourbreathing becomes quick and shallow. When you are relaxed and focused, your breathingis deep and calm. By practising deep, abdominal breathing, you will develop a calm,serene demeanor that will remain cool in the hottest of circumstances. Remember therule of the Eastern mountain men: "to breathe properly is to live properly."

29. Recognize and cultivate the power of autosuggestion. It works and is an essential tool inmaintaining peak performance. We are all performers in one way or another and it isparticularly valuable to use such techniques of athletes and public figures for our ownenhancement. If you want to become more enthusiastic, repeat "I am more enthusiastictoday and am improving this trait daily". Repeat it over and over. Purchase a legalnotepad and write out this mantra 500 times. Do it for three weeks with regular practiceand feel that this quality is developing. Very soon it will come. This is a strategy thatIndian sages have employed for thousands of years to aid their spiritual and mentaldevelopment. Do not be discouraged if the results are not immediate, they will certainlydevelop. The spoken word is a powerful influencer of the mind.

30. Maintain a diary to measure your progress and to express your thoughts. Writing out notonly your successes but your troubles is one of the world's most effective methods oferasing the worry habit, staying in optimum state and developing precision of thought.

31. Stress is simply a response which you create in the interpretation of an event. Two peoplemight find that a given event results in quite different responses. For example, an afterdinner speech might strike fear into the heart of an inexperienced speaker while a strongorator views it as a wonderful opportunity to share his thoughts. Understanding that theperceived negative effects of an event or task may be mentally manipulated andconditioned towards the positive, will allow you to be a peak performer in all instances.

32. Read "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. It contains awealth of wisdom and powerful insights into further developing your character andenhancing your personal relationships.

33. Become a committed audio-tape user. Most personal-mastery programs and books arenow offered in this format. Listen to these inspirational materials on your way to work,whilst waiting in the line at a bank or while you wash dishes in the evening. Make yourcar a college on wheels and use the drive time to make knowledge your best friend. Alldown time can be very effectively used in this productive fashion. Use such opportunitiesto learn and continually expand your mind and its vast potential.

34. Try fasting one day every two weeks. During these fast days, drink fruit juice and eatfresh fruits only. You will feel more energetic, cleansed and alert. Fasting also has asalutary effect on your will-power as you are subverting the otherwise pressing impulsesin your mind calling on you to eat more.

35. Keep a radio-cassette player at your office and listen to soft, soothing music throughout the day. Place pleasant scents and inspirational pictures in your workplace. By the magic of association, your work will become something you enjoy even more and arouse a very pleasant feeling within you. Budget your time on trips such that you can spend half an hour in the airport bookstore. They always contain the latest and best self-mastery books and tapes given that those who travel by air are of a group that finds value in these materials.

36. Read "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen. And don't just read this little book once, read it over and over again. It contains an abundance of timeless wisdom on living a fuller and happier life.

37. Remember that forgiveness is a virtue that few develop, but one that is most important to maintaining peace of mind. Mark Twain wrote that forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. Practice forgiveness especially in those situations where it is seemingly difficult. By using your emotional forgiveness muscles more regularly, petty wrongs, remarks and slights will not touch you and nothing will penetrate your concentrated, serene mindset.

38. Empty your cup. A full cup cannot accept anything more. Similarly, a person who believes that he cannot learn anything else will stagnate quickly and not move to higher levels. A true sign of a secure, mature individual is someone who sees every opportunity as a chance to learn. Even the teachers have teachers.

39. The Two Minute Mind is an excellent exercise for developing concentration. Simply stare at the second hand on your wristwatch for two minutes and think about nothing else for that time. At first your mind will wander but after 21 days of practice, your attention will not waver during the routine. One of the greatest qualities a person can develop to ensure his success is the ability to focus for extended periods of time. Learn to build up your concentration muscles and no task will be too difficult for you.

40. Drink a cup of warm water before a speech. Ronald Reagan employed this strategy to ensure that he maintained his honey-smooth voice. Mastery of the art of public speaking is a noble goal. So dedicate yourself to it. You will be judged by the calibre of your communication skills.

41. When you stand and meet someone, stand firm and steadfast. A telling sign of an unfocused, weak mind is constant fidgeting, shifting of the eyes and shallow breathing.

42. Act tough and you will be tough. Have courage and inspire others with your actions. But always be considerate.

43. Ask not what this world can do for you but, rather, what you can do for this world. Make service an important goal in your life. It is a most fulfilling investment of time.Remember, in the twilight of your life, when all is said and done, the quality of your life boils down to the quality of your contribution to others. Leave a rich legacy for thosearound you to savour.

44. Once a week, arise at dawn. It is a magical time of day. Be still, go for a walk or simplylisten to an old Ella Fitzgerald recording. Take a long, hot shower and do 100 pushups.Read one of the classics. You will feel alive and invigorated.

45. Remain slightly aloof. Do not let everyone know everything about you. Cultivate amystique.

46. Master the art of public speaking. There are few natural speakers. One great trial lawyerstammered dreadfully but through courage and strength of conviction, he developed intoa brilliant orator. Role model anyone you think is a highly effective, influentialcommunicator. Visualize a picture of this person. Stand like him, smile like him, and talklike him. The results will startle you.

47. Seek out motivational speakers committed to character training and lifelong success.Make it a point to attend inspirational lectures each month to consistently renew theimportance of personal growth in your mind. In a two hour seminar, you can learnpowerful techniques and strategies that others have spent many years learning andrefining. Never feel that you have no time for gathering new ideas, you are investing inyourself.

48. Read the wonderful book "Discovering Happiness" by Dennis Wholey. It will certainlyopen up new horizons for you in your quest for an optimal state of health and happiness.

49. To enhance your concentration, read a passage in a book you have never explored. Thentry to recite it verbatim. Practice this for only 5 minutes a day and enjoy the results whichfollow after a few months of effort.

50. Try entering a 5 km running race and then a 10 km event. The adrenaline that flows fromthe experience of racing with several hundred other fitness-minded people is exhilarating.By constantly pushing the envelope of your capacity, your potential will quickly unfold.Remember, the body will give you only what you ask of it.

51. Aromas have been proven to be an effective means of entering a state of relaxation.Scents have a very noticeable effect on your mindset and moods. Purchase the essentialoils of orange and clove bud from your local health food shop. Put a few drops of eitheroil within a cup of boiling water and inhale the sweet smelling steam for a few minutes.Then let the mixture sit in the room where you are resting. You will gain a sense of peaceand serenity. A little apple spice in the air has recently been shown to induce a far morerestful sleep.

52. Cultivate the art of walking half an hour after you have finished eating your eveningmeal. Walks in natural settings are the very best. Walking is, perhaps, nature's idealexercise. And when you walk, do not think about work or about the bills or about thechallenges you might be facing - this will neutralize many of the benefits. Simply enjoythe walk. Notice the richness of your surroundings. Let your senses drink in the beauty ofnature and the crispness of the air for a change. So many people who have mastered theart of growing younger have also mastered the habit of a daily walk.

53. Start a program of weight lifting at the gym. Strong people are mentally tough people. Asyou age, you need not lose your physical nor your mental strength. 75 year-old men arerunning marathons, 80 year-old women have scaled mountains and 90 year-oldgrandparents are living rich, productive lives. Whether you are 19 or 93, stay fit, staymotivated and stay passionate about life.

54. Never argue with the person you work for - you will lose more than just the argument.

55. In terms of business attire, dark suits (navy blue and charcoal grey) reflect power,sophistication and authority. Have you ever seen a prime minister or president in a tansuit?

56. Regularly send handwritten notes to your business clients and your other relations tostrengthen the bond. Develop a system which reminds you to send something valuable tothis network at least once every four months. Send them postcards when you are away onvacation. If you have to buy a few hundred postcards and spend an hour writing, don'tworry. This is an exceptionally good investment of your time. Another idea is to send arecent article of interest to your contacts with a handwritten note saying that you thoughtthis would interest them and that you continue to value their friendship. Relationshipbuilding should always be a central focus whether you are a CEO, a student, asalesperson or a parent.

57. Two of the fundamentals for a happy, joyful life are balance and moderation. One mustmaintain a balance of all activities and do nothing to extremes.

58. Drink Jasmine tea which can be obtained from any Chinese herbal shop. It is excellent foryour general health and is very relaxing. Also try placing a few slices of fresh ginger in acup of hot water for a superb tea that will restore vitality and keep you in a peak physicalcondition.

59. Remember that effective time management makes you more rather than less flexible. Itallows you to do the things that you really want to do rather than the things you reallyhave to do.

60. Do not take personal development books as gospel. Read them and take whatever usefulideas you need. Some people feel they must do everything suggested and take thetechniques to extremes. Every book has at least one tool or strategy of benefit. Take whatyou need and what works for you and discard what doesn't suit you.

61. Become an adventurer. Revitalize your spirit and sense of playfulness. Become a kidagain. Once every few months, plan to enjoy a new, thrilling activity such as white waterrafting, scuba diving, windsurfing, rockclimbing, joining a martial arts club, sailing, deepsea fishing or camping. This will keep your life in perspective, bring you closer to thoseyou share the activity with and keep you feeling invigorated and young.

62. Spend time with Nature. Natural settings have a powerful effect on your senses which inturn will lead to a sense of renewal, refreshment and peacefulness. Peak performersthrough the ages have understood the importance of getting back to Nature. Start campingor simply taking quiet walks in the forest. Rest by a sparkling stream. Cultivate your ownlittle garden which will serve as your personal oasis in the middle of a crowded city. Bycultivating a friendship with Nature, you will quickly find more serenity, contentmentand richness in your life.

63. Recall the wise saying "mens sana in corpore sano" which means in a sound body rests asound mind. Never neglect the body which is intimately connected to the mind. This isyour temple. Feed it the finest fuels, exercise daily and care for it as you would yourprized possession - because it is.

64. Be so strong that nothing interferes with your peace of mind. A well-known boxer wasonce unhappy. When asked why, he said that he had allowed himself to think a negativethought. Curb your desires and stay centered and focused - it gets easier with practice.You truly cannot afford the luxury of even one negative thought.

65. Do not eat three hours before sleep. This allows for smoother digestion and a more restfulsleep. For deeper, more renewing sleep, remember that a daily dose of exercise promotesgood sleep as does a period of relaxation an hour before bed. Also do not bring work tobed with you or think about anything which might agitate you. Ease yourself into sleeplike a baby being sung a soft, soothing lullaby. And finally, as Leonardo da Vinci said: "awell-spent day brings happy sleep."

66. Be careful about your reputation. If it is good it will take you to the highest of heights.But once tarnished, it will be difficult to retrieve. Always reflect on your course of action.Never do anything you wouldn't be proud to tell your mother about. Have fun always buttemper it with common sense and prudence.

67. Find mentors to model who will guide you in your progress. The mistakes of the worldhave all been made once before - why shouldn't you have the benefit of the experience ofothers? Find someone who has both courage and consideration for others, someone whois therefore mature. Your mentor must have only your best interests in mind and shouldbe sufficiently senior to offer you good guidance on the subjects you seek assistancewith. Everyone needs to feel appreciated and even the busiest of executives will find timeto assist a person who respects them and values their advice.

68. Make a list of all your weaknesses. A truly confident and enlightened person will note aweakness and seek to methodically improve. Bear in mind that even the greatest and mostpowerful people have weaknesses. Some are better than others in hiding them. On theother hand, get to know your best qualities and cultivate them.

69. Never complain. Be known as a positive, strong, energetic and enthusiastic person.Someone who complains, is cynical and always looks for the negative in everything, willscare people away and rarely will succeed at anything. From a purely psychologicalviewpoint, things are always created twice: once in the mind and then in reality. Focus onthe positive. Be so mentally tough that nothing takes you off your planned course tosuccess. Visualize and firmly believe in what you want. It will most certainly come true.

70. Overlook the weaknesses of your friends. If you look for flaws you will most surely findthem. Be mature enough to ignore the petty failings of others and see the good that eachone inherently possesses. We can learn from everyone. Everyone has a story to tell, ajoke to share and a lesson to learn. Open your mind to this and you will learn atremendous amount. Friends are so very important to a happy existence - especially thosewho have shared many experiences and laughs with you. Work hard to make friendships,and all your relationships for that matter, stronger and richer. Call your friends, buy themsmall gifts of books or other items you believe they might enjoy. The "law of the farm"applies to relationships as well as to the rest of life - you reap what you sow and to havegreat friends you must first be one.

71. Be kind, considerate and courteous. But also be shrewd and know when to be tough andcourageous. This is the mark of a well-defined character and you will surely commandrespect. It is most useful to read books on friendliness and enhancing relationships bybeing a good listener, showing others sincere appreciation and refining other interpersonalskills. But, to truly succeed, one must also recognize that worldly wisdom andshrewdness are essential skills to foster. Become an expert in human psychology and beable to read the essence of people. Never be taken advantage of and be aware of thepolitics around you. Stay above petty gossiping and office politics but appreciate thatthey indeed exist and know what goes on behind your back. Every great leader does.

72. Create your image as a highly competent, strong, disciplined, calm and decent individual.Find that crucial balance between working on the image that you project to the rest of theworld and your inner character. Create a sense of mystery about yourself as the truly wisenever show their hand. Do not tell everyone everything about yourself, your strategiesand your aspirations. The successful citizens of this world think thrice before they speakbecause a word uttered can never be retrieved. Make things look easy and people will sayyou are naturally gifted. Speak only good things and people will flock to you. Neverspeak ill of others and all will know you will not malign them behind their backs. Buildyour character and live a highly principled life.

73. Familiarity breeds contempt is a very good rule. The stars remain far above the Earth.You must keep a distance from all but your closest of relations. Once people seeeverything of a leader he loses his aura and with it the authority and mystique he mayhave created. For example, Ronald Reagan was known to many as an excellent leader. Hecarefully cultivated his image of a folksy, considerate politician who kept the interests ofthe United States first and foremost in his mind. At gatherings of world leaders, hecommanded attention and respect in his dark suits, surrounded by the trappings of powersuch as political aides, security officers and a convoy of limousines. As soon as heappeared, thoughts of authority and power came to our minds. Did you ever see thePresident with his shirt off swimming at his pool? How about in his dressing gown afterwaking up after one of his long sleeps, hair tousled and beard grown? Reagan's handlersnever allowed such glimpses because they detract from the perception of authority. TheAmerican nation was not exposed to these sights. In the Clinton Era things changed andyou saw the President eating Big Macs and wearing baseball caps with a full businesssuit. Whilst these scenes may be endearing to the public, there is little doubt thatPresident Clinton was more familiar to us, merely another one of us and, unlike the starsabove, much closer to the ground.

74. Learn to organize your time. It is incorrect to say that by becoming a meticulous timemanager and living by a carefully defined schedule you become rigid and nonspontaneous.Rather, proper organization allows one to accomplish those goals which aretruly important as well as enjoy leisure time. Good time management offers more timefor fun and relaxation - not less. These important periods are scheduled into the week justlike other commitments which may appear more pressing. Neither are sacrificed. Also,discipline yourself and stop wasting time on all those immediate and pressing butunimportant tasks (i.e., the ringing phones) and concentrate on the activities that are trulymeaningful to your life's mission. Such activities include time for self-renewal andreflection, time forging relationships built on trust and mutual respect, time for physicalfitness, time to read and think deeply and time serving others in your community.

75. Keep well-informed about current events, the latest books and popular trends. Many peakperformers read five or six papers a day. You don't have to read every story of everypaper. Know what to focus on, what to pass by and what to clip out and read at anothertime (many successful people scan scores of magazines and papers, clipping out articlesof interest; these articles go into a file folder which can be read in your down time).Knowledge is power. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a corporate leader or someoneleading a family, you can profoundly change your life and the lives of those around youwith a single idea. Just ask Gates, Edison and Bell.

76. When choosing your life partner, remember that this is the most important decision ofyour lifetime. The marriage relationship offers 90% of all your support, happiness andfulfillment so choose it wisely. Consider qualities such as affection, sense of humor,intelligence, integrity, maturity, temperament, compatibility and that indescribablecharacteristic of chemistry. If these are present, your relationship stands an excellentchance of great success. Move slowly and let no one press you into an uncomfortabledecision.

77. Never discuss your personal development activities with anyone. Your strategies forexpanding your mind and spirit are your own. Others might not understand the value ofpersonal-mastery and, further, will take away your credit when you meet with success bysaying that you relied on techniques. Keep these self-development activities to yourself.

78. Schedule relaxation time into your week and be ruthless in protecting it. You would notschedule another activity into the time planned for an important meeting with thepresident of your company or your best client so why would you put off a period to investin yourself? We must have time for ourselves to reflect, unwind and recharge ourbatteries. These are the renewal activities that allow us to maintain peak performance andare exceptionally valuable periods.

79. 83% of our sensory input comes from our eyes. To truly concentrate on something, shutyour eyes and you will remove much distraction.

80. Be the master of your will but the servant of your conscience.

81. Develop the wonderful habit of a daily swim. It will promote excellent health, keep yourelaxed and concentrated, lean and trim. Swimming is not stressful on the body, providesa great workout for the lungs and requires little time to do effectively. Remember that ina fit body resides a fit mind.

82. People who are doing good today are ensuring their happiness for tomorrow.

83. The key to successful time management is doing what you planned to do when youplanned to do it. Keep your mind fully on the task at hand. Only then will you achieve allyour goals and have time for the things that matter most. Although it is imperative to beflexible (a bow too tightly strung will soon break), following your planned schedulerequires no more than simple discipline.

84. An excellent visualization technique: if you are worrying about something, picture thewords of your worry on a piece of paper. Now ignite a match to the paper and watch theworry dissipate into flames. Bruce Lee, the great martial arts master employed thismental control device regularly.

85. Compartmentalize your worry. Set aside a certain amount of time to ponder over aproblem and map out an effective plan of attack and your options. Once this is done, havethe mental fortitude not to come back to the problem and go over it again and again. Thehuman mind is a strange creature - things we want to forget keep coming back and thosethings we want to remember are not there when we want them. But the mind is similar toa muscle and the more you flex it the stronger it will become. Make it your servant. Feedit only the best nutrition and information. It will serve you well and perform magic if youbelieve in it.

86. Peak performers are physically relaxed and mentally engaged.

87. To be at your performance peak mentally, your body must be loose physically andrelaxed. It is now beyond dispute that there is a mind-body connection and when the bodyis supple, free from tension, the mind is clear, calm and focused as well. This is why yogais such a beneficial activity. It keeps the body relaxed so that the mind can follow. Basicstretching for 15 minutes a day is also an excellent way to release tension that builds upas a result of our life in this highly complex and fast moving, but wonderful world. Tryhaving a massage or power lounging in a Jacuzzi. Relax the body and you relax the mind.

88. Prepare a detailed financial plan for the next few years and follow it. Seek out financialadvice if you need it. A powerful strategy for financial mastery is also a simple one: save10% of all you make for long-term growth (take this off the pay cheque before you havea chance to spend it). If you can invest $200 a month for the next 30 years at an annualreturn rate of 15%, you will end up with $1.4 million dollars. Being wise with yourmoney is one of the very best investments to make. Financial security leads to personalfreedom.

89. Readers are leaders. U.S. President Bill Clinton read more than 300 books during hisshort time at Oxford University. Some top performers read a book a day. Seek outknowledge and information. We have truly entered the age of massive information andthose who are proactive can use this to their advantage. The more you know, the less youfear.

90. Get into the excellent habit of reading something positive and inspirational before you goto bed and as soon as you awake in the morning. You will soon note the benefits as thesethoughts will be supporting you throughout the day.

91. Make it one of your goals to develop a dynamic, charismatic personality. Such a qualityis something each one of us has the potential to develop but few do. President Kennedywas a sickly youth but rose above his physical problems to be the most charismatic andexciting political figure in the history of the United States. Start off small. Take a DaleCarnegie course on public speaking. Go to the library where you will find books on thefine art of conversation and personal grooming. Learn three clean and witty jokes and getin the habit of socializing. You will have fun and build a lasting network of friends andassociates.

92. On the subject of conversation, a Chinese proverb states as follows: "a singleconversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month's study of books." Seekout the wise and learn from them. They are just waiting for that small spark of interest totell you all that you need to know.

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