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December 23, 2020 15:09 ET | Source: Boost Media Agency


The 10 Launch Experts to Watch

New York, New York, Dec. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Launching a new product, business or program can be daunting at the best of times - particularly when you have no real idea of how to launch, or a sound strategy to execute upon. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs and business owners spend months planning their launch, only to hear crickets upon its release. According to Boost Media Agency, if you want your launch to be a success, you need help from an expert. Each with their own unique styles and expertise, here we present the 10 launch experts you need to watch in 2021.

Laurie Burrows (@thestrategyqueen)

Laurie Burrows is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur. Leaving the corporate world in 2019 after 8 years in marketing, where she helped numerous other companies grow and scale using her strategies, Laurie found her calling being her own boss and helping coaches, consultants and course creators develop courses that connect with audiences and consistently convert.

Hailed as the 'Strategy Queen', Laurie has managed to scale her business to multiple 6 figures in 2020, celebrating a milestone of hitting 100k sales in 3 weeks from one launch, while also raising her newborn baby.

Living up to her title, Laurie has constantly been at the cutting edge of connectivity, evolving with the ever changing nature of the digital business sphere and adapting to suit her client's needs. She has a keen sense for marketing and sales, studying relentlessly to understand buyer psychology and implement it within her launch strategies.

Laurie loves to connect with creative people, providing them with the knowledge and framework to turn their passions into a marketable product with a tangible audience. Her methods are proven to return results and enable her clients to develop scalable businesses that grow with them, while also providing the flexibility and freedom that many entrepreneurs crave.

Brittany Keeling (@brittanyannette)

Brittany Keeling grew her successful business operations and launch agency from a deeply personal space. Having unexpectedly lost her entrepreneur father in 2019, she not only grappled with the personal loss but also with the realization of the importance of business documentation. Since her father was unable to leave business documents behind, she set out to sort through, run, then sell the business after 4 months. Only to be met with the harsh reality that she did not have any clients or income at that point anymore. This was when she realized that this is what she needed to do for other entrepreneurs.

Be Elevated Inc. now a 6-figure business was then born. The team maps out every single detail of their clients launch offer, from the conversion event all the way through client onboarding. They work through their proven 4-phase framework: Ideation, Reverse Engineering, Creation, and Automation to ensure a streamlined and thorough white-glove experience every time - all within just 7 days!

The team does the heavy lifting for the client and ensures that execution will always be excellent. They are revolutionizing the industry by making a quick turn-around time and top-notch quality go together flawlessly.

Liz Illg (@liz.illg)

Liz Illg is a multi-industry entrepreneur with brick-and-mortar businesses across Arizona and several online businesses including her own consulting business and boutique marketing agency. Liz Illg Consulting was founded when business owners continually asked Liz how she grew her storefront to multiple locations in a short amount of time. Illg attributes all of her success in business growth to systems, effective delegation, and strategic launch planning. With Liz's background in business starting, flipping, and expanding, she's mastered the method of scaling brands with launches that are unique and impactful.

When growing her companies, Liz learned quickly that she needed help if she wanted to be a brand visionary. She couldn't do all of the daily duties while still being the dreamer and strategist for her business so she became the systems and documentation expert. Once she was able to effectively train her team members to tackle the daily tasks, she stepped into her dream role and became the visionary. Because of the systems she created, she was able to focus her energy and brainpower on epic launches and launch strategies.

Launching a new product, service, or campaign, when done strategically, can excite, connect, and nurture audiences and it's a way Liz likes to be innovative in her industry.

When Liz isn't strategizing a new business plan for her own companies or for her clients, she can be found gardening, raising her pack of chihuahuas, riding around in her convertible, or reading a book. As a brand visionary, Liz's downtime allows her to find inspiration in everyday life and in her hobbies. Downtime and entrepreneurship are usually unheard of together but finding that balance and structure is Liz's personal success story and testimonial. When you create perfect harmony with your dreams, plans, execution, management, and passions, magic happens and you find that you can actually live in a world of business ownership and daily rest.

Liz Illg encourages small-business owners and entrepreneurs to "fall in love with their work." When launches seem intimidating or the daily stresses of owning a business seem overwhelming, call in the reinforcements, or as Liz likes to call it, your "support squad." Liz Illg Consulting provides strategy, implementation, and project management services to brands that want to launch a new idea and scale their profit.

Angelica Dandridge (@angelicadandridge)

Angelica Dandridge is a business coach and operations strategist who helps corporate executives package their career skills into a consulting service and position them to sell online. She has spent the last 7 years as an Operations Strategist & Project Manager and has made over $150K as a business consultant within 5 different industries. She is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration.

As an entrepreneur &self-taught designer, Angelicas services combine strategic planning and BTS systems with a creative brand strategy. The result is a fully operational ready-to-launch business. A testament to her success is her client, Jamilah Pitts who successfully launched her own business, Jamilah Pitts Consulting LLC. Jamilah now consults full-time and has since been featured in the NY Times, on the Oprah Winfrey Network, International Baccalaureate, and with Breathe for Change. This was possible due to Angelicas VIP experience which functions as full-service business development to construct business presence, process, and productivity. This serves as the strategic roadmap to launch mode.

Angelicas journey through entrepreneurship has developed her love and skill for growing a thriving business. From ideation to implementation, nothing makes her happier than bringing her clients' ideas to life the same way that she has for her own business.

Jess OConnell (@jess.oconnell_)

Jess OConnell has built a successful career as a Launch Coach and Course Strategist. What she does is help online coaches and course creators have a greater impact and generate more revenue from the courses they launch. She has learned from her own experience as a course creator who made a lot of mistakes over the years. Now, she has the mindset of a scientist and she has come up with a 5-ingredient formula for launching highly profitable online courses.

She teaches course creators all about this formula, known as the Aligned Launch Formula, so people can have successful online courses and make a difference. Jess also has her own podcast called The Launch Fix, where she shares exclusive insights into the launches shes working on and a ton of valuable information about the step by step strategies that a launch requires.

Jess is no stranger to rock bottom because thats where she started her business. After her husband lost his job unexpectedly, they were forced to file for mortgage assistance. But Jess had a passion and 2 years later, shes running a successful 6-figure company and shes helping people build their own legacies as well. Her approach to launching is very different from most online marketing gurus, but thats exactly what has made her so successful and valuable to many.

Dani Paige (

Dani Paige is the secret sauce behind many successful online course launches. Her specialty is writing entertainingly addictive copy that genuinely connects with her readers and turns them into lifelong loyal fans. With her previous career as a professional athlete - she brings a level of competitiveness to each launch that truly up levels the outcome for every client and student she works with.

But the name of the game for Dani has always been impact - in addition to her businesses giving back initiatives, she knows that for every successful launch she writes for her clients, together, they reach hundreds of students who will go on to do fabulous things.

Dani hit 6-figures in her first full year as a Launch Copywriter after she came onto the launch scene swinging. She did so by doing things differently - she felt like the launch world often resembled an echo chamber - the same sales pages, emails, and strategy - and thats why she helps entrepreneurs lean into their fiery, passionate side to cut through any bland sameness or ungenuine selling. She has a knack for infusing stories into her copy that makes people grin, connect, feel heard, feel empowered, and ultimately, take action.

Chelsea Wallace (@thelaunchcopycoach)

Chelsea Wallace is a launch strategist and copywriter who has helped hundreds of online brands execute multi-5 and 6 figure marketing campaigns, with millions in gross revenue. Cognizant of the fact that a successful launch comes with mental pressure, she offers her signature system, The Synergy Launch Method that is designed specifically for online coaches, course creators, consultants, and service providers. The Synergy Launch Method creates space for us to consciously unlearn, manage, and release the pressure, burn-out and reinforced cycles of fear that accompany a launch. Of course, you want your launch to be successful, so you take really good care in preparing for it. But who takes good care of you in the process?

While most launch strategists only focus on the external strategy and messaging of a launch, we all know (but rarely acknowledge) that there are other factors at play for a solopreneur/small-team coach, consultant, course creator, or service provider launching their offers online. Managing ones internal game with the right strategies before, during, and after the launch will not only be the best for the launch but long-term mindset and emotions as well. Launching tends to be an exhausting, stressful, and depleting experience. But with Chelseas help, it can be a lush and fulfilling experience. Chelsea knows that you want more for yourself, your launches, and your community, and she does too. You deserve it.

Taliah-Kate (TK) Byron (@tk.byron)

When Taliah-Kate Byron was a teenager, she hosted her first event with her teen girl-focused coaching business. When no one but her family showed up, she dove into everything copywriting, marketing and course-related motivated by her intention that no one would ever have to go through the same thing.

Since then, TK has thrown herself into the copywriting and marketing universe. Shes attended hundreds of courses, worked under the best of the best of the conversion copywriter world, and has even worked with a professional dancer of Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Her work reflects her exceptional body of experience as do her success rates. Moreover, her approach to course creation coaching is motivated by her emphasis on enabling people to live a life theyre proud of. TK understands that clients come to her with passion projects specialists in their own niche and appreciates her unique opportunity as their coach to get them teaching the things they feel called to contribute to the world.

Her signature Offer Launch Method promises to give her clients the skills to launch in 12 weeks, with no paid advertising focusing on organic growth, brand authenticity, and product quality, without compromising the bigger picture. She focuses on using the best possible strategy to get projectsexposed to people who want to engage with them and enables her clients to package and deliver their own special brand of genius, supporting them every step of the way.

Madelyn Galvez(@madelyn.galvez.obm)

Madelyn Galvez started her business journey as a virtual assistant, built from the ground up in 2017.

What simply started as a business that emerged from her life as a single mom with a desire to work from home and have an impact in elevating women to the next level of success, has since grown to a powerhouse online business management and launch support business.

Madelyn has a talent for turning a clients ideas and big vision into scalable, impactful, and financially lucrative launches. She ensures her clients get full launch support from A-Z and total online business management so that her clients can thrive in their zone of genius.

She has built a globally, culturally diverse team of talented women who are equally passionate and invested in supporting her client base of women coaches and creatives to produce highly profitable launches through scalable automated systems and streamlined processes.

Madelyn offers her 6-hour VIP Launch Accelerator which is geared for those that have all the copy ready to go, and simply need a team to put in the crucial work of putting all the tech pieces together. This provides the clients with the option to have their entire course ready to go in one day.

She also offers a free launch toolkit for new course creators, and already has a waitlist for her future course called, Course Launching Made Easy, launching in 2021.

Madelyn anchors on her Christian faith as her guide in her journey.

Her clients connect to her values and genuine care for their business, the trusting relationship she builds, and the integrity and resilience she leads with.

Her clients know, that with having Madelyn and her team on their side, that anything is possible, and you can win, thrive, and lead a purposeful, impactful, and lucrative business with their support.

Adriana Castillo (@adrianacastilloonlinebiz)

Adriana Castillo is a launch expert who shows other moms how to grow a business with consistent income without sacrificing their family time. If youre pulling your hair out on how to build your business when you already have so much on your plate: feeding your babies, the diapers, the baths, the house, the laundry, the groceries, etc - Adriana can relate, and she can also help.

Having left her small town, moved countries and learned a new language, Adriana accomplished so many things she never thought possible. I was taught to be tough, independent, and fearless, but yet within society limits: I was told I would never leave my town, I would work at my dads business, get married, have kids, and live next door to my parents Adriana explains. Having not had a lot of opportunities growing up, she was forced to forge her own path in life - which has turned out better than she could have imagined.

She believes anything is possible, and now teaches others how to create the freedom shes been able to create for herself. Adrianas business model bridges the gap between the sword and the wall: helping you to make more money and free up your time. If you want have a recurring income without sacrificing family time, you need a business model and marketing strategy that fits your life - which is Adrianas specialty.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing launch experts, as they continue to thrive and help their clients launches become massively successful. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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